We frequently get questions regarding why we decide to go in a given direction.  We follow the concept of Bayesian probability/inference.  This tells us that as new information becomes available, we should re-evaluate the situation.  We always are willing to do this, but it doesn’t mean the stance changes, only that we are always willing to listen to arguments for or against it.

Ads and ad blocking has consistently been one of these topics.

So, this will help clarify our position – for now – regarding this.

We do not include facilities for ad blocking, including modifications to the HOSTS files.  The monetization of applications or webpages is a necessary process these days, and we do not begrudge developers who use this route.  Indeed,  I’ve recently added advertising to this website.  It isn’t much, but anything that helps offset the costs is worth it.

Developers have the choice and various tools to serve advertising in what they create.  Some do, some don’t.  Recently I saw a theme on the Google PlayStore that put, in the app’s description, if you didn’t want it to force close you needed to PAY for the full version.  This smacks of lazy devs in my mind.  My solution?  I don’t use it.

You have the choice to do what you want with your device.  There are plenty of third-party hacks, mods, or applications that can block advertising and you, as the individual user, are welcome to use them as your needs see fit.

We won’t put in the ability for you to block these ads out of the box.  If you don’t like the advertising for a site or app, simply don’t use it.  If the developer has 15 ads per page, pop-ups and pop-unders, then don’t go there.  Or, alleviate the situation on your own – We just won’t include it in the ROM.

There are tools available to you do this yourself if you choose, just not from us.

Do you have specific questions about why we do things?  Send me an email: grommish@teamoctos.com

– Grommish