Building Android:Android
A trip down the rabbit hole

In mid-2013, Team OctOs became a reality.  It is easy to look back, see the positive and negatives with 20/20 hindsight, and run mentally through the path that has led from Point A to Point B.

Problem:  How to learn from the past and use that toward the future?

This is not a new problem.  It isn’t unique to Android or programming, but is an issue we all face in everyday life.   By all, I don’t mean it as hyperbole.  Think about it, how many folks actually have a firm grasp of what they want, let alone how they intend to get it?  Getting to what we want seems to be the whole point of life.

Is it kitschy?  Sure is.

Does it matter?  Absolutely not.

So what’s the point of this?  Nothing more than personal musing, because I can.  As a reader, flasher, hater, or arbitrary “Why bother?” person, you are invited to partake or not as you see fit.

I liken it to watching sausage being made – it isn’t for everyone.

This is a off-shoot of the project, exposing the “who” behind the “what”.  There are very real people behind the products and services everyone enjoys, and remembering that fact might make the world a little nicer place to be.

Remember, as Kevin Smith says: “It costs nothing to inspire…” and who knows, this may spark the interest of the next great ROM developer – Just don’t forget us!

You are invited to email me with questions and/or comments at  Just be mindful of the fact we all are real people, and if you take the low-road, flame, troll, or break out the douchiness, I’ll be more than happy to reply publicly with a response in the form of a direct quote.  The Internet allows for anonymity, but you are still responsible for your actions.