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In Android, we use definition three to define a self-contained storage vessel for code.  The ROM is nothing more than a collection of smaller, individual projects that all come together to create the single ROM proper.  These repos, in our case, are kept on our Github.

Repos are sacred.  They represent the code we work hard for, in its raw state.   We do our best to make sure the repos are intact for anyone who wants to build OctOs.

As a PSA, I find it distasteful when someone outright demands push access, and then throws a fit when I say “No”.  In my head, its akin to walking up to someone and saying “Nice to meet you.  Can I bang your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse/SO?”  It’s uncouth, to say the least.

The proper  way to handle the situation is this:

  1. Fork the repo you want to use to your GitHub – This is true if its our repos or from someone else.
  2. git clone your repo locally
  3. Make whatever changes you need to get the device/change to work
  4. Push modified repo to your Github repo after testing
  5. Submit pull request.

We will either pull your changes, or simply fork your repo back (as appropriate).  In either case, we’ll put you front and center with things dealing with your repos.

We are reorganizing how we do things.  We are working on a Gerrit site, but it will be down the line.  Gerrit is a great tool for people adding blobs anonymously, or simply outside the Team.  But, right now we want to know who is sending us stuff, get to know them, etc.  This seems to be best way to deal with it given current circumstances and situations.

Questions? Comments?  Hit me up grommish@teamoctos.com

– Grommish