As promised, public replies to feedback.

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Definitely not trying to be a dick. The picture on the “roots” tab on the website is totally photoshoped, I’d look into replacing it you want people to take you serious. BTW great Rom keep up the awesome work.

Dear Anonymous,

While we appreciate the comments, the lack of vital return contact information means, unfortunately, we are unable to actually reply.  While I have no issue with saying “this is from me”, you seem to.  I understand, completely, the compulsive need to hide behind a shield for something like this.  After all, with the NSA listening, the riots in Ferguson, MO., the earthquakes in wine country (estimated $4 billion lost), and the Emmy awards being too close to call (this is being written 8/25/14 @ 8pm EDT), I can totally get the angst you must feel when looking at a picture of 2 grown manly-men in a conference room and access to a projector, just makes you grind your teeth and swear at the universe.

We get it.  It makes us swear inexplicably as well.  Truth!

Unfortunately, it is with a heavy heart, sad tones, and saggy testicles that I must inform you, and the rest of the world, that we simply aren’t professional enough to Photoshop  that picture.  At the time, we figured reality was enough, and it bit us in the ass Sharknado™-style.  For this, we apologize.

Luckily, we own up to our mistakes.  When the security bug for FakeID was publicly announced, we immediately pulled all of our builds from the public and got it fixed (Reference and

For this, gentle Anonymous Internet denizen, we will do no less.



This is the picture in question.   For those who follow our antics, on photo-left is Dubbsy, and photo-right is Trekken.  Behind them is a conference room.  At the top is the projector and, at least in this picture, it was running.

Now, given the fact that the OctOs logo was created by the team, for the team, it was trivial to get the vector image  Yes, as you can see, we can’t always agree about OctOs vs OctOS vs Octos, but we manage.

We are currently dropping everything to create a photochopped image consistent with our level of standards.  In a true test of the Internet, see if you can spot the changes.  It won’t be easy, but nothing worth doing ever is.

And remember, anytime you have to preface what you say with “Not trying to be”, you probably are.

– Grommish