In the past, we’ve publicly stated our team mission was to create the ROM we’d want to run.  To get there, we’ve dealt with compatibility and code issues, long work, and luck.  We did this with the caveat of offering a vanilla AOSP experience, with the ability to customize to the level of the users comfort.

When dealing with a project of any significant size, from time to time you have to stop, take stock, and amend.  Does the project still meet the intended results?  It was taking more and more effort, time, and energy to justify the expense, and then suddenly it didn’t.

People have asked what was going on, as it’s been a long time since we’ve had a release.   And I’m here to tell you what we’ve been doing.

We’ve rebased Team OctOs OctoKat to use CarbonROM, and will continue to do so moving forward.

In doing this, we are able to extend and build on the fantastic work put our by CarbonROM.  It also allows us to work on the ROM proper, rather than trying to merge upstream changes and seeing that they don’t break.  With the change to using CarbonROM as a base, CarbonROM maintains the source code repositories for the vast majority of the nuts and bolts code, leaving us with the User Experience.  For the technical, we maintain a list of the repositories locally kept (meaning, not CarbonROM’s) are found on our GitHub.

Many of the common device files CarbonROM uses are part of the larger CyanogenMOD format, which means we gain access to many device repositories maintained and updated by people other than us.  Also means we can actually make use of those devices.  The rebase also opened up the ability to create custom recoveries for virtually every device we support.

But most importantly, it allows us to even begin bringing OctOs Goodness to Android 5 (I refuse to call it “loli”).  Without this rebasing, we saw no good way to quickly and reliably get from where we were pre-rebase to A5, logistically or otherwise.   Rebasing allows us to do that, and I refuse to apologize for it.

We make, in my ultimately biased opinion, one of the best user experience ROMs to the devices we support.  We just allowed that to be better.

We have been privately testing the new builds in-house, and will be releasing the rebased code to the testers here shortly.  While we feel it’s ready to go, our testers are very good at breaking things for no reason.  I wouldn’t expect them to have it long before giving it the go ahead for public distribution.  Keep watching our Google Plus Community, Twitter, and Facebook page, as we’ll post there first.

Questions, Comments, etc?  Hit me up on Google Hangouts or email me at

~ Grommish