Normally, these are Team OctOs ROM and/or team related, or at the very least Android related.

This will not be one of those posts.  So, if you have no interest, SKIIIIP.

Ok.. For the rest of us.

and the Polygon article I found it at.

For the tl;dr crowd: Electronics that turn the rumble pack in your console controller into a switch for a venipuncture machine.

It’s stupidly simple. Remember the rumble pack? Well, nowadays most video game controllers rumble when you get shot in the game. That rumbling means that an electrical signal is being sent to the controller to let you know you’ve been hit. All we’re doing is re-routing that same electrical signal and using it to turn on the blood collection system.

Yeah, I can’t wait!  What? Oh, the kickerstarter gas been suspended.  Shocker!

Imagine: World Game Championships for all your favorite combat games!  CoD, Battlefield, Guacamelee!  Can you set variable draw rates?  Can you give a handicap to Pro players who mix it up at a Pro-Am?  Cap it at standard pint, test it (no “enhancements” allowed! Your “athletes” now. Quite bitchin’), and donate it like the plan suggests.  Have all of it overseen by medical staff and trained phlebotomists administering the whole deal.

Have the Red Cross hook up with some corporate sponsors and give the winning individual $250,000 after tax, call it an “awareness campaign” and everyone wins.

Have you’re qualifying rounds at the local, regional, semi-final levels.. Collect $25 at each level, straight play, no blood draw.  They go into this knowing the final one will be “live”.

There will be no end of amount of people who would want to “bring it”.  You could have 2 or 3 a year.

You fill the pint, your out!  You faint, you’re out.  Everyone plays standing, so literally last person standing wins.

Throw it on Twitch for a premium.

This is really what we’ve come too.  Ah, well.

Canada probably wouldn’t allow it – I bet the US would!

I’d watch.

– Grommish