In the previous blog post, we touched on some of the inherent dangers with playing with a very expensive, technical toy.

In the end, everything worked out alright, but some have asked and it’s honestly one of the more… interesting?… adventures I’ve been on.

It was the initial build for a device.  Bad things happen (see previous entry), and the guy is left with a system bootloop.  Wouldn’t boot, it happens.  Somewhere in the flash process, he managed to corrupt his recovery.  Again, reference the previous post.  The ROM does not contain a recovery image and cannot touch the recovery partition in the flash package.

This was a Samsung device, so break out the ODIN and get it working again.

Download TWRP, load ODIN, flash.  We’ve all been there.

What?  The PC doesn’t recognize the device?  Did you try the back ports?  Change cables?  Other devices work?  I think your USB port is hosed.

Had a bad USB port.  Never used USB to transfer files and it was charging.

Ok..  So, you need to replace the USB port.  It sucks, but you gotta do it.  So he goes to a local shop and explains the situation.  Sure, sure! We’ll fix it, come back in 2 hours.

* two hours later *

Here you go.  Sorry, the port was all kinds of jacked up (haha get it!), melted, etc.  So we tossed it.  What? You wanted it? Sorry man, you couldn’t have used it anyway.

Turns out, the shop screwed him.  Told him they did the work and probably never even cracked the phone.  When he told the shop what happened, they figured it was bootlooping and he wouldn’t ever get it fixed anyway, so why not?

He took it to another shop, who actually did the work, and the PC once again began recognizing the device.

Reflashed TWRP, and it didn’t take.  My suspicion is that something broke the partitions.

So, we had to track down a stock TAR-ball image, get it pulled and then flashed.  Flashed without issue.  Then reflashed TWRP and he was back in business.

Oh, did I mention the user was half-way around the world?  10.5 hours ahead of eastern US time.  Everyone all around had to really want it.

This situation turned out OK.  I’ve had some devices fight me, but I’ve not had a super-brick moment.  I am, however, aware it can happen at any time.

Flash safe in the New Years!

– Grommish