• Overhaul to the Tentacles Application
    • Add Supports Section
    • App Circle Sidebar
    • Advanced Power Menu toggle moved to Power
      • Reboot Menu
  • Fix Clear All Recents when in Lower Positions
  • Right-side Quick Setting Pull down on by default
  • SuperSU Updated to 2.46
  • Disable Shutter Sound for Camera
  • OctInkDark Theme – The Darker side of OctOs

Carrier Specific

APN Updates for T-Mobile’s move to IPv6

Full ChangeLog

— 03-25-2015
project packages/apps/CMFileManager/
| Commit: b96748d | Title: CMFileManager: Changed status string to something more descriptive | By: Zyg0te
| Commit: 1288edb | Title: CMFileManager: Fixed string typo | By: Zyg0te

— 03-24-2015
project device/samsung/hlte-common/
| Commit: 52c60c0 | Title: hlte-common: Add PCC calibration interface | By: Steve Kondik
| Commit: 1e5ae13 | Title: hlte-common: remove remaining code from lollipop hack | By: Christer

project device/samsung/msm8960-common/
| Commit: c210833 | Title: msm8960: updates for new adreno blobs | By: Dan Pasanen
| Commit: b9462e6 | Title: msm8960-common: update wrapper | By: Dave Daynard

project frameworks/av/
| Commit: 5a72830 | Title: audiopolicy: Fix call recording for legacy qcom HAL | By: nadlabak
| Commit: c29fb05 | Title: audioflinger: refresh fast track underrun state upon start | By: Weiyin Jiang
| Commit: a8a6fca | Title: Merge remote-tracking branch ‘cm/cm-12.0’ into to-5.0 | By: hedwig34

project frameworks/base/
| Commit: 8a7a8f5 | Title: systemui: don’t use SIM display name if there isn’t available info | By: Jorge Ruesga
| Commit: 73fb478 | Title: Fix screen pinning on devices without navbar | By: maxwen
| Commit: 8aae5d6 | Title: Move default value for Settings.Secure.ADVANCED_MODE to core | By: Michael Bestas
| Commit: e5c7d30 | Title: Use actual storage type of sdcard/usb (1/2). | By: Toha
| Commit: d2bbb6f | Title: Merge remote-tracking branch ‘cm/cm-12.0’ into to-5.0 | By: hedwig34

project frameworks/opt/net/wifi/
| Commit: 67d21c2 | Title: Softap: update WifiContoller state on start softap failure | By: Hu Wang

project frameworks/opt/telephony/
| Commit: d683d69 | Title: Abort Cross mapping process if SubInfo List is null | By: Rakesh Pallerla
| Commit: d77b4cd | Title: Telephony: Handle PS DETACH failure during DDS SWITCH | By: Sukanya Rajkhowa

project hardware/samsung/
| Commit: 9f12314 | Title: libril: Add support for xmm7260 modem. | By: Andreas Schneider
| Commit: cbffd42 | Title: librilsec-client: Add support for xmm7260 modem | By: Andreas Schneider

project kernel/samsung/d2/
| Commit: 3890191 | Title: camera/msm_zsl: wholesale update from I535VRUDNE1 | By: Dan Pasanen
| Commit: be45f28 | Title: camera/msm_zsl: fix ups after camera update | By: Dan Pasanen
| Commit: 4dbfb86 | Title: Revert: M2: bugfix: Fix a kernel bug causing ioctl… | By: Brian Beloshapka
| Commit: 6a37b64 | Title: d2: correct iommu domain for camera | By: Desterly
| Commit: e621065 | Title: msm_zsl: squash of old camera fixes | By: detule

project kernel/samsung/hlte/
| Commit: 17ddaf7 | Title: video: mdss: Color temperature interface using PCC * MDSS5 supports Polynomial Color Correction. Use this to implement a simple sysfs API for adjusting RGB scaling values. This can be used to implement color temperature and other controls. * Why use this when we have KCAL? This code is dead simple, the interface is in the right place, and it allows for 128X accuracy. | By: Steve Kondik

project packages/apps/CMFileManager/
| Commit: 1e3be7d | Title: CMFileManager: Removed copyright portion of about_summary | By: Zyg0te
| Commit: 72869df | Title: cmfm: update changelog | By: Jorge Ruesga
| Commit: f8a8d15 | Title: cmfm: fix typo in xml drawable | By: Jorge Ruesga
| Commit: 79d00ac | Title: cmfm: reduce banner size and adjust ratio to fit the banner view bounds | By: Jorge Ruesga

project packages/apps/ContactsCommon/
| Commit: 33e8f42 | Title: contactscommon: ensure preferences are loaded before reload data | By: Jorge Ruesga

project packages/apps/Settings/
| Commit: dea5e77 | Title: Settings: Remove “advanced mode” toggle if its defaulted to enabled. | By: Adnan
| Commit: c44d2ca | Title: Use actual storage type of sdcard/usb (2/2). | By: Toha
| Commit: f0babb5 | Title: Settings: prompt to fill new profiles out only once | By: Roman Birg
| Commit: 557eb0c | Title: Fix build | By: Michael Bestas
| Commit: 4d5c1d0 | Title: settings: fix build | By: Jorge Ruesga
| Commit: 6fc8f0f | Title: Revert “Remove advanced mode switch preferrence.” | By: hedwig34
| Commit: 47f60b5 | Title: Merge remote-tracking branch ‘cm/cm-12.0’ into to-5.0 | By: hedwig34

project vendor/samsung/
| Commit: b6dca7f | Title: Merge pull request #600 from solk2/cm-12.0 | By: ciwrl
| Commit: 0f74675 | Title: Merge pull request #556 from Alberto96/cm-12.0 | By: Ethan Chen
| Commit: 714323b | Title: msm8960-common: update adreno blobs and d2 camera | By: Dan Pasanen

project vendor/to/
| Commit: 7e51268 | Title: overlay: Add overlay to Settings to enable advanced mode by default | By: hedwig34

— 03-23-2015
project device/samsung/msm8960-common/
| Commit: d863188 | Title: msm8960: sepolicy updates | By: dcd

project frameworks/base/
| Commit: 0797ae0 | Title: Merge branch ‘cm-12.0’ of git://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base into HEAD | By: Donald Hoskins

project hardware/qcom/fm/
| Commit: 74b4ecd | Title: Move Indonesia entries to arrays | By: Michael Bestas

project packages/apps/CMFileManager/
| Commit: 96e8aa2 | Title: CMFileManager: Nitpicking on strings | By: Zyg0te

project packages/apps/Mms/
| Commit: 6246153 | Title: Backup: fix crash when listing backups | By: Alexander Martinz

project packages/apps/Settings/
| Commit: aabee07 | Title: Merge branch ‘cm-12.0’ of https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_Settings into HEAD | By: Donald Hoskins
| Commit: f13b30c | Title: Settings: Set untraslatable | By: TamⳠT