Release the Kraken!

Kraken kernel for Android Nougat.

Kraken kernel is available for select devices.
More devices to come!

Download Kraken kernel for Nexus 6 (shamu).

About Kraken Kernel

Kraken Kernel is a 1st Generation Kernel built from Scratch with specific purpose in mind. One of the unique points is that the kernel has identical features across all the devices supported. Given Bellow is a list of key features of the kernel.

1. Unique Combination of four Custom Governors in addition to the Stock Governors.

  • Kraken Governor
    The Kraken CPU governor has been specifically designed and tuned to get the best balance between battery life and performance. By default, it is more conservative than Ondemand. During routine usage, the CPU frequency does not ramp up very often. If gboost is enabled, during gaming or any other graphics intensive situation, the CPU frequencies boost much easier in order to maintain maximum performance. There is also a built in input boost.
  • Darkness Governor
    The Darkness Governor is a multi-core based on the Ondemand governor and governor with integrated hot-plugging. It also has simple and fast, basic configs but very complex structure. It is quite stable and has the same battery life as ondemand). Ongoing processes in the queue, we know that multiple processes can run simultaneously on. These processes are active in an array, which is a field called “Run Queue” queue that is ongoing, with their priority values arranged (priority will be used by the task scheduler, which then decides which process to run next). To ensure that each process has its fair share of resources, each will run for a certain period and will eventually stop and then again placed in the queue until it is your turn again. If a program is terminated, so that others can run the program with the highest priority in the current queue is executed.
  • Umbrella Core Governor
    A new cpu governor by twisedumbrella based on interactive that is focused on battery life and not performance. It will still ramp up to a set frequency but will not stay at high frequencies for long. This governor tends to stay in high-mid range frequencies during screen_off.
  • BioShock Governor
    CPU governor developed by Jamison904. A mix of ConservativeX and Lionheart. Good balance between battery savings and performance. It is a conservative governor based on samsung’s update3 source. The tunables (such as the thresholds and sampling rate) were changed so the governor behaves more like the performance one, at the cost of battery as the scaling is very aggressive.

2. Four Schedulers are added in addition to the Stock. Those are

  • BFQ
  • CFQ
  • ROW

    *For some devices, those are part of stock. For others they are not.

3. The Boot image has been compiled to additional compression of XZ in order to ensure faster boot and less space.

4. MSM Sleeper is offered as a HotDriver in addition to the stock MPDecision.