OCT-N Weekly (AOSP base)

Oct-N Weekly Builds AOSP base

Team Oct-OS has been hard at work adding our special touch to the new Android 7.1.1 Nougat. (Builds from 12/2 are 7.1 and  prior builds are android 7.0) We are very pleased to give you a taste of out AOSP based Oct-N Android firmware for selected Nexus devices.

Disclaimer: OctOs is a WIP. It has been evaluated as being stable, and is suitable for daily use in most cases. While it may be considered stable, there may be unknown bugs. The development team is not responsible for any damage to your device or your information.

Team OctOS presents Oct-N.

– Please Do Not Mirror our files without talking to us. We can do that ourselves should we desire to.


Changes for 1/20

  • New OctOTA app. Get notified of new builds!
  • Change log in the OctOTA app!
  • Added sailfish
  • Added a toggle to disable the animated pixel home nav button (needed for some themes)

Changes for 1/13

  • Updated to Android 7.1.1 (android-7.1.1_r13)
  • Improvements to AboutOctOs app
  • Update SuperSu

Initial Feature List

  • Substratum theme engine!
  • Tentacles settings!
  • Black themed Pixel Launcher
  • KernelAdiutor-Mod
  • SuperSU
  • Power menu options
  • Screenshot
  • Screen record
  • DPI settings
  • Status bar time and date options
  • Status bar network traffic indicator
  • Status bar notification settings
  • Quick tile settings
  • Many quick tiles including Tentacles and KernelAdiutor-Mod
  • Volume button playback control
  • Volume button wake

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this Android 7 (Nougat)?
A: Yes, this is Android 7.1.1

Q: What code is Oct-N based on?
A: Oct-N thus far is based on AOSP 7.1.1

Q: Why isn’t there XYZ feature?
A: Shoot us a Suggestion if you want to see something added. While we are not going to promise to implement, we will always look into it

Q: But CM and all the others have..
A: ROM developers, including CM, build something they want to use. The ROM developer that includes something they won’t run implies less than 100% effort to ensure it does work. As a team, we have similar goals and objectives. If XYZ ROM has a feature you want, and we don’t include (or don’t want to include), feel free to use XYZ ROM, or build your own custom version of Oct-N.

Q: Superuser or SuperSU?
A: Team OctOS uses SuperSU and is installed.


Bugs happen. Our testers are very good at breaking things, but no where near as good as the rest of the Android public. In order to investigate and fix issues, we need the help of the users who are going to report them. The Android OS has many nifty features to help us in this, but only if we can engage the user to assist us.

Logs, Logcat, and the Android Debugging Bridge (ADB)

Like any other OS, Android has multiple log files that are generated and record the goings-on of the system. As a user, you have two basic ways to view and pull these to send to us. Without the information in the logfiles, there simply is not a whole lot of information to go on.

Log file APKs

Team OctOs recommends SysLog. This application will allow you to selectively pick any (or all) of the system logs, compress them into a .ZIP file, and allow you to save, email, move to your Copy/DropBox/Cloud Storage account, etc.

ADB Logcat

The Android Debugging Bridge (ADB) is a powerful tool available from Google as part of the Android Software Development Kit (SDK). Used for many things, being able to selectively see, in real-time, what your device is doing cannot be downplayed. While there is more setup involved, if you are doing consistent ROM flashing, you really should invest the time to get setup properly to do it.

ADB Logcat tutorial here:How to create a logcat log

Basic Instructions:

  1. Download ROM .zip file and MD5 file, and grab your favorite Open Gapps package http://opengapps.org and if you want root download your favorite root zip. We’ve stopped including it so you can choose your own. SuperSU and phh superuser are popular.
  2. Reboot to Recovery (Note: Use Reboot to Recovery from Power Menu, Hardware-based boot to recovery, or adb reboot recovery – ROM Manager or similar software is NOT supported)
    — TWRP is the ONLY recovery Team OctOs uses – We do not support flashing on CWM —
  3. Factory Reset from TWRP
  4. Flash ROM and GApps .ZIP files
  5. Reboot

The foundation of the Android OS is the fact that is it open-source. We have all code we use internally in the creation of Oct-N available on our GitHub repositories.

Unless otherwise specified, all Oct-N builds kernel souce can be found on github at Team-OctOS.

Team OctOs GitHub – http://www.github.com/Team-OctOs
Team OctOs Gerrit Review – http://www.teamoctos.com:8080
Team OctOs GPLv2 License – http://www.teamoctos.com/license/
Team OctOs Patreon Campaign – https://www.patreon.com/TOctOs

Want To Build Your Own?

Check out the https://github.com/Team-OctOS/platform_manifest#team-octos-android-source ReadMe on our GitHub for Instructions

Special thanks to

  • Our testers, without which, there would be no public releases for OctOS

We would also like to thank

  • AOSP
  • Open Gapps
  • Anyone else who has ever submitted Open-Source code

Follow Team-OctOS!


ChangeLog (Oct-N recent changes)

— 01-20-2017

project device/moto/shamu/
| Commit: a0f92af | Title: shamu: fix speakerphone echo problem | By: beanstown106

project jenkins/
| Commit: 280cae7 | Title: Add new build targets and refresh local manifest | By: hedwig34
| Commit: 8573a01 | Title: Weekly snapshot January 20, 2017 | By: hedwig34

project manifest/
| Commit: 5cbebec | Title: Create link of octosify.sh as build-oct.sh in root of source directory for easier access so all you have to do is “./build-oct.sh [option] [device name]” | By: druboo666

project packages/apps/Tentacles/
| Commit: 12f2d11 | Title: Tentacles: Add OctOTA [3/3] | By: ujwalp15

project vendor/to/
| Commit: 41838ee | Title: vendor: Build changelog by default | By: hedwig34
| Commit: 5c5b8e1 | Title: Substratum: update to latest apk | By: cjkacz
| Commit: 55b7a75 | Title: rename tools/octosify.sh -> tools/build-oct.sh for consistency also edit script use instructions | By: John

— 01-19-2017

project manifest/
| Commit: b35d10e | Title: manifest: Add OctOTA [1/3] | By: hedwig34

project packages/apps/OctOTA/
| Commit: 5c80e46 | Title: IntelliJ update | By: hedwig34
| Commit: bfb0af3 | Title: Refactor for OctOS OTA | By: hedwig34
| Commit: b257767 | Title: OctOTA: Add ota_conf | By: hedwig34
| Commit: e77fc61 | Title: OctOTA: Update readme | By: hedwig34
| Commit: 2866955 | Title: Update ota_conf and change accent color to pixel blue | By: hedwig34
| Commit: 4d46e89 | Title: initial commit for aosp-7.1.1 | By: cjkacz
| Commit: e6d414d | Title: OctOTA: Pull current change log from /system/addon.d/changelog.txt | By: hedwig34

project vendor/to/
| Commit: a070d69 | Title: vendor: Add OctOTA [2/3] | By: hedwig34

— 01-18-2017

project device/google/marlin/
| Commit: fd5ac5a | Title: sailfish:fix up some stuff | By: cjkacz
| Commit: 80207a6 | Title: Merge “Pixels: enable sound trigger” into aosp-7.1.1 | By: Don Kaczmarek

project device/lge/hammerhead/
| Commit: 2abd32b | Title: Hammerhead does not have a pickup sensor available during sleep | By: Jean-Pierre Rasquin

project vendor/to/
| Commit: 45c2cda | Title: Sailfish: add sailfish, marlin was getting lonely | By: cjkacz
| Commit: e32530c | Title: Merge “Revert “Pixel Gapps: temporarily add Pixel gapps”” into aosp-7.1.1 | By: Don Kaczmarek
| Commit: 934979b | Title: Sailfish:update to January keys | By: cjkacz

— 01-17-2017

project device/google/marlin/
| Commit: 09a2007 | Title: Pixels: enable sound trigger | By: Dan Pasanen

project hardware/qcom/audio/
| Commit: ac04082 | Title: audio: Hacks for sound trigger. | By: Steve Kondik

project vendor/google_devices/
| Commit: 0d800e8 | Title: Pixels: add a photo backup xml | By: spaceman

project vendor/to/
| Commit: 5be4fc7 | Title: Revert “Pixel Gapps: temporarily add Pixel gapps” | By: cjkacz

— 01-16-2017

project frameworks/base/
| Commit: 4e6f17c | Title: Fix a memory leak. | By: George Burgess IV
| Commit: 23c6708 | Title: Fix window transformation related issue | By: Qiushi.Han
| Commit: 8de3aad | Title: Pixel navbar: allow disabling based on config | By: George G
| Commit: 88bfe05 | Title: Pixel Navbar animation toggle [1/2] | By: beanstown106
| Commit: cf908b9 | Title: Allow faster app switching | By: Chet Kener
| Commit: a34024e | Title: [1/2] Reload Pixel Home Animation without reboot | By: Joe Maples

project packages/apps/Tentacles/
| Commit: 94d08e6 | Title: Pixel Navbar animation toggle [2/2] | By: beanstown106
| Commit: 463529c | Title: [2/2] Reload Pixel Home Animation without reboot | By: Joe Maples

— 01-15-2017

project device/google/marlin/
| Commit: 072503e | Title: common: disable verity *also remove duplicate verity defines | By: beanstown106

project kernel/google/marlin/
| Commit: 2229ea1 | Title: md: disable dm-verity | By: Ethan Yonker
| Commit: b55fa28 | Title: proc: Set androidboot.verifiedbootstate=green | By: James Christopher Adduono

project vendor/to/
| Commit: a4a45ab | Title: Substratum: update to 550 | By: cjkacz
| Commit: bd16108 | Title: SuperSu: update to 2.79sr3 | By: cjkacz

— 01-14-2017

project jenkins/
| Commit: 01e5216 | Title: Weekly snapshot January 13, 2017 | By: hedwig34