Oct-N Builds LineageOS base

Team Oct-OS has been hard at work adding our special touch to Android Nougat.



Disclaimer: OctOs is a WIP. It has been evaluated as being stable, and is suitable for daily use in most cases. While it may be considered stable, there may be unknown bugs. The development team is not responsible for any damage to your device or your information.

Team OctOS presents Oct-N.

– Please Do Not Mirror our files without talking to us. We can do that ourselves should we desire to.



Changes for 7/21

  • Add support for OnePlus 5 (cheeseburger)
  • Minor upstream updates (check changelog)

Changes for 7/14

  • Update July security patch android 7.1.2_r24
  • Revove support for gemini

Feature List

  • Substratum rootless theme engine support (must install Substratum from play store)
  • Tentacles settings!
  • Pixel Launcher Included
  • OmniSwitch
  • Power menu options
  • Screenshot
  • Screen record
  • DPI settings
  • Status bar time and date options
  • Status bar network traffic indicator
  • Status bar notification settings
  • Quick tile settings
  • Volume button playback control
  • Volume button wake
  • DUI (fling, pulse, smartbar)
  • Screen record

Weekly Download

Release Download

Basic Instructions:

  1. Download ROM .zip file and MD5 file, and grab your favorite Open Gapps package http://opengapps.org and if you want root download your favorite root zip. We’ve stopped including it so you can choose your own. SuperSU and phh superuser are popular.
  2. Reboot to Recovery (Note: Use Reboot to Recovery from Power Menu, Hardware-based boot to recovery, or adb reboot recovery – ROM Manager or similar software is NOT supported)
    — TWRP is the ONLY recovery Team OctOs uses – We do not support flashing on CWM —
  3. Factory Reset from TWRP
  4. Flash ROM and GApps .ZIP files
  5. Reboot

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this Android 7 (Nougat)?
A: Yes, this is Android 7.1.1

Q: What code is Oct-N based on?
A: This version of Oct-N is based on LineageOS 14.1

Q: Why isn’t there XYZ feature?
A: Shoot us a Suggestion if you want to see something added. While we are not going to promise to implement, we will always look into it

Q: But all the others have..
A: ROM developers build something they want to use. The ROM developer that includes something they won’t run implies less than 100% effort to ensure it does work. As a team, we have similar goals and objectives. If XYZ ROM has a feature you want, and we don’t include (or don’t want to include), feel free to use XYZ ROM, or build your own custom version of Oct-N.

Q: What about root?
A: Root is removed by default (user will be able to flash which ever root zip they want )


Bugs happen. Our testers are very good at breaking things, but no where near as good as the rest of the Android public. In order to investigate and fix issues, we need the help of the users who are going to report them. The Android OS has many nifty features to help us in this, but only if we can engage the user to assist us.

Logs, Logcat, and the Android Debugging Bridge (ADB)

Like any other OS, Android has multiple log files that are generated and record the goings-on of the system. As a user, you have two basic ways to view and pull these to send to us. Without the information in the logfiles, there simply is not a whole lot of information to go on.

Log file APKs

Team OctOs recommends SysLog. This application will allow you to selectively pick any (or all) of the system logs, compress them into a .ZIP file, and allow you to save, email, move to your Copy/DropBox/Cloud Storage account, etc.

ADB Logcat

The Android Debugging Bridge (ADB) is a powerful tool available from Google as part of the Android Software Development Kit (SDK). Used for many things, being able to selectively see, in real-time, what your device is doing cannot be downplayed. While there is more setup involved, if you are doing consistent ROM flashing, you really should invest the time to get setup properly to do it.

ADB Logcat tutorial here:How to create a logcat log

The foundation of the Android OS is the fact that is it open-source. We have all code we use internally in the creation of Oct-N available on our GitHub repositories.

Unless otherwise specified, all Oct-N builds kernel souce can be found on github at Team-OctOS.

Team OctOs GitHub – http://www.github.com/Team-OctOs
Team OctOs Gerrit Review – http://www.teamoctos.com:8080
Team OctOs GPLv2 License – http://www.teamoctos.com/license/
Team OctOs Patreon Campaign – https://www.patreon.com/TOctOs

Want To Build Your Own?

Check out the https://github.com/Team-OctOS/platform_manifest#team-octos-android-source ReadMe on our GitHub for Instructions

Special thanks to

  • Our testers, without which, there would be no public releases for OctOS

We would also like to thank

  • AOSP
  • LineageOS
  • Open Gapps
  • Anyone else who has ever submitted Open-Source code

ChangeLog (Oct-N recent changes)

— 07-18-2017

project device/xiaomi/msm8996-common/
| Commit: 08e2a5b | Title: msm8996-common: data-ipa-cfg-mgr: Remove verbose cflag | By: Luca Stefani
| Commit: 055b183 | Title: msm8996-common: data-ipa-cfg-mgr: Disable DEBUG for userdebug builds | By: Luca Stefani

project frameworks/base/
| Commit: d137184 | Title: PowerProfile: allow overriding default power profile | By: Alexander Martinz
| Commit: af06f11 | Title: BootReceiver: check console-ramoops-0 | By: Mark Salyzyn
| Commit: 6ff6b9f | Title: Merge remote-tracking branch ‘cm/cm-14.1’ into oct-14.1 | By: hedwig34

project frameworks/native/
| Commit: 64577e2 | Title: Merge remote-tracking branch ‘cm/cm-14.1’ into oct-14.1 | By: hedwig34

project kernel/asus/msm8916/
| Commit: caaf30f | Title: udf: Check path length when reading symlink | By: Jan Kara
| Commit: d74e8e5 | Title: BACKPORT: UPSTREAM: sg_start_req(): make sure that there’s not too many elements in iovec | By: Al Viro
| Commit: 855fe51 | Title: Input: ati_remote2 – fix crashes on detecting device with invalid descriptor | By: Vladis Dronov
| Commit: 0f5b3d8 | Title: Input: powermate – fix oops with malicious USB descriptors | By: Josh Boyer
| Commit: 5dabf76 | Title: Input: gtco – fix crash on detecting device without endpoints | By: Vladis Dronov
| Commit: dbaed8d | Title: UPSTREAM: USB: iowarrior: fix oops with malicious USB descriptors | By: Badhri Jagan Sridharan
| Commit: 7bb142e | Title: USB: mct_u232: add sanity checking in probe | By: Oliver Neukum
| Commit: 57f631c | Title: USB: digi_acceleport: do sanity checking for the number of ports | By: Oliver Neukum
| Commit: 3107fee | Title: Input: ims-pcu – sanity check against missing interfaces | By: Oliver Neukum
| Commit: 014942a | Title: Revert “proc: smaps: Allow smaps access for CAP_SYS_RESOURCE” | By: Nick Desaulniers
| Commit: 5f74ee5 | Title: fs/exec.c: account for argv/envp pointers | By: Kees Cook
| Commit: 7d1e1b1 | Title: BACKPORT: ALSA: timer: Fix race between read and ioctl | By: Takashi Iwai
| Commit: 661a8dd | Title: UPSTREAM: ALSA: timer: Fix missing queue indices reset at SNDRV_TIMER_IOCTL_SELECT | By: Takashi Iwai
| Commit: e786abe | Title: mm: larger stack guard gap, between vmas | By: Hugh Dickins
| Commit: ff75b4e | Title: mm: fix new crash in unmapped_area_topdown() | By: Hugh Dickins
| Commit: c22d961 | Title: Allow stack to grow up to address space limit | By: Helge Deller
| Commit: 168af2c | Title: ipv4: keep skb->dst around in presence of IP options | By: Eric Dumazet

project kernel/zte/msm8996/
| Commit: 00bd34f | Title: BACKPORT: aio: mark AIO pseudo-fs noexec | By: Jann Horn
| Commit: 9146a28 | Title: libceph: introduce ceph_crypt() for in-place en/decryption | By: Ilya Dryomov
| Commit: 1686507 | Title: l2tp: fix racy SOCK_ZAPPED flag check in l2tp_ip{,6}_bind() | By: Guillaume Nault
| Commit: f1be4d3 | Title: ext4: validate s_first_meta_bg at mount time | By: Eryu Guan

project manifest/
| Commit: 9cb0fc3 | Title: Remove ahbottomnavigation | By: Luca Stefani

project vendor/lge/
| Commit: f43adfb | Title: g6: Add missing blob for camera | By: Rashed Abdel-Tawab

project vendor/samsung/
| Commit: 4de14ad | Title: klte-common: Update to Adreno blobs from LA.BF.1.1.3_rb1.12 | By: Kevin F. Haggerty
| Commit: 32d3fb8 | Title: hlte-common: Update to Adreno blobs from LA.BF.1.1.3_rb1.12 | By: Kevin F. Haggerty
| Commit: cf62efe | Title: hltetmo: Move to variant blobs | By: Kevin F. Haggerty
| Commit: 54728d5 | Title: msm8916-common: update graphics blobs | By: minz1

project vendor/to/
| Commit: ccd3b85 | Title: kernel: Add savedefconfig target | By: Michael Bestas

— 07-17-2017

project device/google/marlin/
| Commit: ecb843f | Title: marlin/sailfish: fix NFC selinux denial | By: Mitchell

project device/xiaomi/mido/
| Commit: d5106d4 | Title: mido: Clean sepolicy | By: TheScarastic
| Commit: 8018457 | Title: mido: clean audio configs and misc changes | By: TheScarastic
| Commit: 1222d95 | Title: mido: camera: Import oss camera HAL | By: Vitaliy Tomin
| Commit: 7df587c | Title: mido: camera: Fixes to OSS camera hal to build in LineageOS tree | By: Vitaliy Tomin
| Commit: ad929ec | Title: mido: camera: HACK to make OSS hal work with camera blobs | By: Vitaliy Tomin
| Commit: 6093cf9 | Title: mido: camera: squash update for camera HAL with compatible commits | By: Vitaliy Tomin
| Commit: f623206 | Title: mido: camera: Revert ov13855 blobs to pre 7.5.25 state (7.4.24) | By: Vitaliy Tomin

project hardware/samsung/
| Commit: 72aac79 | Title: secril-client: Fix RIL client token management in SendOemRequestHookRaw() | By: Basil Gello

project kernel/xiaomi/msm8996/
| Commit: de6f4be | Title: ANDROID: sdcardfs: use mount_nodev and fix a issue in sdcardfs_kill_sb | By: Gao Xiang

project vendor/google/
| Commit: 955836c | Title: Marlin and Sailfish: fix duplicates | By: cjkacz

project vendor/lge/
| Commit: 2e72101 | Title: Initial us997 blobs | By: rc420head
| Commit: f81fc55 | Title: msm8996: Regenerate makefiles and add us997 and h870 to build guard | By: Rashed Abdel-Tawab
| Commit: 8fad791 | Title: Add h870 Vendor Files | By: J0SH1X
| Commit: 9b57061 | Title: h870: Use correct bluetooth firmware | By: Rashed Abdel-Tawab
| Commit: 3d65d39 | Title: h870: Update adreno firmware | By: Rashed Abdel-Tawab

project vendor/samsung/
| Commit: 01091ec | Title: manta: update widevine | By: Paul Keith

project vendor/xiaomi/
| Commit: a709f42 | Title: mido: drop Camera HAL blobs, use OSS | By: Vitaliy Tomin
| Commit: 625ce3e | Title: mido: camera: Revert ov13855 blobs to pre 7.5.25 state (7.4.24) | By: Vitaliy Tomin

— 07-16-2017

project device/xiaomi/msm8996-common/
| Commit: 805ac18 | Title: msm8996-common: Fix modem time-stamp regex | By: dianlujitao

project device/zte/axon7/
| Commit: 9a9064b | Title: audio_amplifier: Correct voice speaker device mode | By: c457

project frameworks/base/
| Commit: b05f9e1 | Title: Merge ” SEEMP: Adding auth framework for outgoing SMS messages.” into oct-14.1 | By: Don Kaczmarek
| Commit: 16c042a | Title: ScreenCap : Add jpeg support | By: Danesh M

project kernel/xiaomi/msm8996/
| Commit: 0b75d54 | Title: fs/pstore: Reset to CAF | By: Luca Stefani
| Commit: 6856b07 | Title: fs:pstore:ramoops: config mem from dt | By: Yi-wei Zhao
| Commit: 19b3a78 | Title: fs/pstore: initialize pmsg from device tree | By: Patrick Tjin
| Commit: 2909212 | Title: pstore: Fix the ramoops module parameters update | By: Wang Long
| Commit: 92990ff | Title: fs/pstore: fix compilation warning | By: Patrick Tjin
| Commit: 9e60586 | Title: FROMLIST: pstore: drop pmsg bounce buffer | By: Mark Salyzyn
| Commit: 498491f | Title: ARM: dts: Import pstore configuration from marlin | By: Luca Stefani
| Commit: 839ce88 | Title: ARM64: configs: Regen | By: Luca Stefani
| Commit: 645553b | Title: Merge tag ‘LA.UM.5.5.r1-05300-8×96.0’ into HEAD | By: Luca Stefani
| Commit: 23b25ea | Title: drivers: staging: Update qcacld-2.0 driver | By: LuK1337
| Commit: 6b4ddb5 | Title: f2fs: sanity check checkpoint segno and blkoff | By: Jin Qian
| Commit: 0beca46 | Title: f2fs: load inode’s flag from disk | By: Jaegeuk Kim
| Commit: 8b6d477 | Title: f2fs: make sure f2fs_gc returns consistent errno | By: Weichao Guo
| Commit: 349d28c | Title: f2fs: use f2fs_submit_page_bio for ra_meta_pages | By: Jaegeuk Kim
| Commit: 5852642 | Title: f2fs: remove unnecessary read cases in merged IO flow | By: Jaegeuk Kim
| Commit: 5575c50 | Title: f2fs: use fio instead of multiple parameters | By: Jaegeuk Kim
| Commit: 810a089 | Title: f2fs: split bio cache | By: Jaegeuk Kim
| Commit: f8594eb | Title: f2fs: avoid f2fs_lock_op for IPU writes | By: Jaegeuk Kim
| Commit: 4e0338b | Title: f2fs: declare load_free_nid_bitmap static | By: Hou Pengyang
| Commit: 4345050 | Title: f2fs: add a new function get_ssr_cost | By: Yunlei He
| Commit: 9f7e46d | Title: f2fs: try to freeze in gc and discard threads | By: Jaegeuk Kim
| Commit: b55feb3 | Title: f2fs: fix a bug caused by NULL extent tree | By: Yunlei He
| Commit: 712b906 | Title: f2fs: combine huge num of discard rb tree consistence checks | By: Yunlei He
| Commit: 236c80c | Title: f2fs: split wio_mutex | By: Chao Yu
| Commit: 2fc7fae | Title: f2fs: introduce io_list for serialize data/node IOs | By: Chao Yu
| Commit: c11a5a9 | Title: f2fs: show more info if fail to issue discard | By: Chao Yu
| Commit: 5ad562f | Title: f2fs: wake up all waiters in f2fs_submit_discard_endio | By: Chao Yu
| Commit: 5ecc7a8 | Title: f2fs: wait discard IO completion without cmd_lock held | By: Chao Yu
| Commit: ae5cb77 | Title: f2fs: don’t bother checking for encryption key in ->mmap() | By: Eric Biggers
| Commit: fe970b4 | Title: f2fs: don’t bother checking for encryption key in ->write_iter() | By: Eric Biggers
| Commit: 0ec7138 | Title: f2fs: Do not issue small discards in LFS mode | By: Damien Le Moal
| Commit: eacd142 | Title: f2fs: remove false-positive bug_on | By: Jaegeuk Kim
| Commit: 4afd319 | Title: f2fs: remove the unnecessary cast for PTR_ERR | By: Zhang Shengju
| Commit: aec69fe | Title: f2fs: fix a panic caused by NULL flush_cmd_control | By: Yunlei He
| Commit: f51f537 | Title: f2fs: sanity check size of nat and sit cache | By: Jin Qian
| Commit: 68ae77b | Title: f2fs: simplify the way of calulating next nat address | By: Fan Li
| Commit: e8c728b | Title: f2fs: dax: fix races between page faults and truncating pages | By: Qiuyang Sun
| Commit: 398a462 | Title: f2fs: introduce __wait_one_discard_bio | By: Chao Yu
| Commit: f7f30ae | Title: f2fs: add f2fs_bug_on in __remove_discard_cmd | By: Chao Yu
| Commit: e0afc52 | Title: f2fs: don’t track newly allocated nat entry in list | By: Chao Yu
| Commit: 268bdf1 | Title: f2fs: fix to avoid panic when encountering corrupt node | By: Chao Yu
| Commit: a94050d | Title: f2fs: use proper variable name | By: Tiezhu Yang
| Commit: ddc7369 | Title: f2fs: Fix a return value in case of error in ‘f2fs_fill_super’ | By: Christophe JAILLET
| Commit: bb8145e | Title: f2fs: fix to show injection rate in ->show_options | By: Chao Yu
| Commit: 0bacffe | Title: f2fs: fix wrong error number of fill_super | By: Chao Yu
| Commit: 85f9ead | Title: f2fs: clean up sysfs codes | By: Chao Yu
| Commit: edd868c | Title: f2fs: move sysfs code from super.c to fs/f2fs/sysfs.c | By: Chao Yu
| Commit: 74f4e98 | Title: f2fs: require key for truncate(2) of encrypted file | By: Eric Biggers
| Commit: 301548c | Title: f2fs: set CP_TRIMMED_FLAG correctly | By: Chao Yu
| Commit: 3315e03 | Title: f2fs: measure inode.i_blocks as generic filesystem | By: Chao Yu
| Commit: c365a68 | Title: f2fs: don’t need to check encrypted inode for partial truncation | By: Jaegeuk Kim
| Commit: 9d38cdf | Title: f2fs: add ioctl to do gc with target block address | By: Jaegeuk Kim
| Commit: 3d539b4 | Title: f2fs: report # of free inodes more precisely | By: Jaegeuk Kim
| Commit: a9fa895 | Title: f2fs: avoid redundant f2fs_flush after remount | By: Yunlong Song
| Commit: 86fb94a | Title: f2fs: introduce reserved_blocks in sysfs | By: Chao Yu
| Commit: 60c4ab7 | Title: f2fs: stop gc/discard thread in prior during umount | By: Chao Yu
| Commit: b304fb0 | Title: f2fs: introduce __check_sit_bitmap | By: Chao Yu
| Commit: db9b8f9 | Title: f2fs: skip ->writepages for {mete,node}_inode during recovery | By: Chao Yu
| Commit: 23f30d0 | Title: f2fs: do not set LOST_PINO for newly created dir | By: Sheng Yong
| Commit: ba35d7e | Title: f2fs: do not set LOST_PINO for renamed dir | By: Sheng Yong
| Commit: dbf8966 | Title: Revert “f2fs: fix to clean previous mount option when remount_fs” | By: Chao Yu
| Commit: 655d70c | Title: f2fs: don’t count inode block in in-memory inode.i_blocks | By: Chao Yu
| Commit: ed024ce | Title: f2fs: relax migratepage for atomic written page | By: Jaegeuk Kim
| Commit: 3733c5d | Title: f2fs: use spin_{,un}lock_irq{save,restore} | By: Chao Yu
| Commit: 5400c4f | Title: f2fs: avoid deadlock caused by lock order of page and lock_op | By: Jaegeuk Kim
| Commit: 4e06875 | Title: f2fs: support plain user/group quota | By: Chao Yu
| Commit: b6a48e8 | Title: f2fs: make more close to v4.13-rc1 | By: Jaegeuk Kim
| Commit: 7f17946 | Title: fscrypt: inline fscrypt_free_filename() | By: Eric Biggers
| Commit: 8933fe4 | Title: fscrypt: add support for AES-128-CBC | By: Daniel Walter
| Commit: d76cd60 | Title: f2fs: remove extra inode_unlock() in error path | By: Luis Henriques
| Commit: f96395a | Title: f2fs: Don’t clear SGID when inheriting ACLs | By: Jaegeuk Kim
| Commit: 7b78961 | Title: f2fs: include seq_file.h for sysfs.c | By: Jaegeuk Kim
| Commit: baccb92 | Title: lib: lz4: fixed zram with lz4 on big endian machines | By: Rui Salvaterra
| Commit: 4acc837 | Title: zram: do not use copy_page with non-page aligned address | By: Minchan Kim

project packages/apps/Gallery2/
| Commit: 8af515d | Title: Gallery2: Switch to navigationbar from support libs | By: Luca Stefani
| Commit: d9f1451 | Title: Gallery: Fix potential crash | By: Michael W

project vendor/oneplus/
| Commit: b46d99d | Title: Cheeseburger:add Oneplus 5 vendors | By: Don
| Commit: 993f3ed | Title: Merge https://github.com/Koenkk/android_vendor_oneplus_cheeseburger into oct-14.1 Change-Id: Ia77179a453599cc15afc35c80e9abdf896b6411b | By: Don
| Commit: a00b533 | Title: cheeseburger:remove my mess up | By: cjkacz
| Commit: eede7cf | Title: Cheeseburger: Add to vendors | By: John

project vendor/to/product/
| Commit: 380ae88 | Title: Oneplus 5: add a little cheeseburger to the mix | By: cjkacz

— 07-15-2017

project device/leeco/s2/
| Commit: b13c448 | Title: s2: build power hal | By: codeworkx

project frameworks/base/
| Commit: d1a0471 | Title: SEEMP: Adding auth framework for outgoing SMS messages. | By: Unknown

project frameworks/native/
| Commit: db0e94b | Title: surfaceflinger: Fix continuous SF dump. | By: Namit Solanki
| Commit: 0adab82 | Title: sf: Limit co-ordinates difference fix for high res panel | By: Baldev Sahu
| Commit: 96d3138 | Title: sf: Fix GPU coordinates computation. | By: Pullakavi Srinivas
| Commit: a3b93a7 | Title: surfaceflinger: Validate setposition parameters | By: Ramakant Singh
| Commit: c8aefcf | Title: Surface: Ensure synchronisation of copyBlt | By: Francis Hart
| Commit: d461e7a | Title: Surface: Use async lock/unlock in copyBlt | By: Francis Hart

project hardware/qcom/audio-caf/msm8996/
| Commit: f8fcd59 | Title: Merge tag ‘LA.UM.5.5.r1-05300-8×96.0’ into HEAD | By: Luca Stefani

project hardware/qcom/display-caf/msm8996/
| Commit: 3005091 | Title: Merge tag ‘LA.UM.5.5.r1-05300-8×96.0’ into HEAD | By: Luca Stefani

project hardware/qcom/media-caf/msm8996/
| Commit: 0273a64 | Title: Merge tag ‘LA.UM.5.5.r1-05300-8×96.0’ into HEAD | By: Luca Stefani

project kernel/asus/moorefield/
| Commit: 71955c0 | Title: fs: readdir: Fix su hide patch for non-iterate filesystems | By: Alberto97

project kernel/leeco/msm8976/
| Commit: 0ba3764 | Title: fs: readdir: Fix su hide patch for non-iterate filesystems | By: Alberto97

project kernel/lenovo/wt86528/
| Commit: a79b326 | Title: Revert “drivers:usb:make fastchg not compiled” | By: IsaacChen

project kernel/lge/hammerhead/
| Commit: afeef23 | Title: filter: prevent nla extensions to peek beyond the end of the message | By: Mathias Krause
| Commit: 8b7fe89 | Title: ALSA: control: Make sure that id->index does not overflow | By: Lars-Peter Clausen
| Commit: 6e325ba | Title: udf: Check path length when reading symlink | By: Jan Kara

project kernel/motorola/msm8952/
| Commit: b1c6c7b | Title: msm: camera: Allow driver file to be opend only once. | By: Trishansh Bhardwaj
| Commit: b4dcde4 | Title: radio-iris: Use copy_from_user API to access userspace memory | By: Kamal Negi
| Commit: 44ab2a1 | Title: xfrm_user: validate XFRM_MSG_NEWAE XFRMA_REPLAY_ESN_VAL replay_window | By: Andy Whitcroft
| Commit: ed70b37 | Title: xfrm_user: validate XFRM_MSG_NEWAE incoming ESN size harder | By: Andy Whitcroft
| Commit: 0b86b99 | Title: Prevent heap overflow in uvc driver | By: Robb Glasser
| Commit: fbbc3b5 | Title: msm: camera: don’t cut to 8bits for validating enum variable | By: Gaoxiang Chen
| Commit: 5699348 | Title: ASoC: msm-lsm-client: use kzalloc instead of kmalloc | By: Bhalchandra Gajare
| Commit: 09d7c15 | Title: ASoC: msm-cpe: Fix range checking in function fw_name_store | By: Xiaoyu Ye
| Commit: d3b3eff | Title: USB: f_qc_rndis: Prevent use-after-free for _rndis_qc | By: Pratham Pratap
| Commit: b820e49 | Title: ASoC: msm: remove unused msm-compr-q6-v2 | By: Xiaojun Sang
| Commit: 65de407 | Title: msm: mdss: remove client from device list if failed to register | By: Sandeep Panda
| Commit: 8385268 | Title: msm: camera2: cpp: Fix out-of-bounds frame or command buffer access | By: Ravi kumar Koyyana
| Commit: 1acf8e9 | Title: msm: camera2: cpp: Fix iommu_attach/detach compat_ioctl issue | By: VijayaKumar T M
| Commit: 5de5957 | Title: msm: ipa: do not use delay in SSR | By: Skylar Chang
| Commit: edf43ea | Title: input: synaptics: fix for buggy code poined by SIL tool | By: Andrew Chant
| Commit: 746f826 | Title: msm: msm_bus: Add mutex to protect node_list | By: David Dai
| Commit: b9f76d1 | Title: diag: Add proper synchronization checks to msg mask table | By: Gopikrishna Mogasati
| Commit: f2f925f | Title: msm: camera: Prevent info leak in kernel driver. | By: VijayaKumar T M
| Commit: 6e031e9 | Title: ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: extend validation of virtual address | By: Siena Richard
| Commit: fb3c17a | Title: mmc: host: Shift pm qos unvoting to sofitrq | By: Vijay Viswanath
| Commit: e2e6b1b | Title: msm: isp: Avoid unaligned register access | By: Abhishek Kondaveeti
| Commit: b3d5ff1 | Title: soc: qcom: rpm-smd-debug: initialize variables and check for return value | By: Naresh Malladi
| Commit: d44144d | Title: msm: camera: fix untrusted pointer for power down setting | By: Haibin Liu
| Commit: f34161b | Title: msm: camera: isp: Avoid information leak in ISPIF | By: Venu Yeshala
| Commit: a3f0f6f | Title: ipv6: addrconf: validate new MTU before applying it | By: Marcelo Leitner
| Commit: d03ab42 | Title: diag: dci: Add NULL pointer checks for dci buffers | By: Manoj Prabhu B
| Commit: ccd689d | Title: drivers: soc: qcom: rpm_stats: Add mutex lock for shared data | By: Naresh Malladi
| Commit: f42c2b47 | Title: msm: mdss: Buffer overflow while processing gamut table data | By: Bharath Gopal
| Commit: f581355 | Title: net: usb: rmnet_usb_ctrl:Make sure list_head operate atomically | By: Liangliang Lu
| Commit: 9f01949 | Title: usb : dwc3: Initialize kernel stack variables properly | By: Sai Krishna Juturi
| Commit: bbc8354 | Title: msm: vidc: Copy user buffers to kernel memory before access | By: Surajit Podder
| Commit: d4f1ab7 | Title: msm: sps: Fix race condition in SPS debugfs APIs | By: Siva Kumar Akkireddi
| Commit: 05c9c89 | Title: msm: camera: validate num_streams in stream_cfg_cmd before using it | By: Gaoxiang Chen
| Commit: 782846c | Title: msm: vidc: Allocate memory dynamically for debugfs info_reads | By: Abdulla Anam
| Commit: 4202ae2 | Title: msm: camera: Use mutex lock to avoid race condition | By: VijayaKumar T M
| Commit: 45a8912 | Title: msm : mdss: fix unaligned access problem | By: Harsh Sahu
| Commit: efbfe41 | Title: diag: Synchronize command registration table access | By: Mohit Aggarwal
| Commit: 478c4d8 | Title: msm: mdss: validate page id before reading from edid buffer | By: Ashish Garg
| Commit: b188d49 | Title: msm: mdss: validate the buffer size before allocating memory | By: Ashish Garg
| Commit: 60d2483 | Title: msm: pcie: add bounds check for debugfs register write | By: Tony Truong
| Commit: 26de834 | Title: msm: mdss: hdmi: check up-bound of CEC frame size | By: zhaoyuan
| Commit: 848ff83 | Title: ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: make audio debugfs read and release exclusive | By: Divya Ojha
| Commit: 39211dd | Title: drivers: soc: qcom: rpm_stats: Add mutex lock for shared data | By: Naresh Malladi
| Commit: 9b4c920 | Title: UPSTREAM: net/packet: fix overflow in check for priv area size | By: Andrey Konovalov
| Commit: d91ba52b | Title: UPSTREAM: f2fs: sanity check segment count | By: Jin Qian
| Commit: 3892c6e | Title: ANDROID: sdcardfs: Add linux/kref.h include | By: Dmitry Shmidt
| Commit: db0e07f | Title: UPSTREAM: net/packet: fix overflow in check for tp_frame_nr | By: Andrey Konovalov
| Commit: c1cc5c2 | Title: UPSTREAM: net/packet: fix overflow in check for tp_reserve | By: Andrey Konovalov
| Commit: 6caff7e | Title: ANDROID: uid_sys_stats: reduce update_io_stats overhead | By: Jin Qian
| Commit: ee991c5 | Title: ANDROID: uid_sys_stats: fix access of task_uid(task) | By: Ganesh Mahendran
| Commit: 8528174 | Title: ANDROID: uid_sys_stats: defer io stats calulation for dead tasks | By: Jin Qian
| Commit: e8ded5a | Title: UPSTREAM: ARM: 8170/1: Add global named register current_stack_pointer for ARM | By: Behan Webster
| Commit: 284d442 | Title: UPSTREAM: arm64: LLVMLinux: Add current_stack_pointer() for arm64 | By: Behan Webster
| Commit: bd01f2d | Title: UPSTREAM: arm: perf: Fix callchain parse error with kernel tracepoint events | By: Hou Pengyang
| Commit: 0ed27dc | Title: UPSTREAM: arm64: perf: Fix callchain parse error with kernel tracepoint events | By: Hou Pengyang
| Commit: f256953 | Title: ANDROID: mnt: Fix next_descendent | By: Daniel Rosenberg
| Commit: 65007fc | Title: ANDROID: hid: uhid: implement refcount for open and close | By: Dmitry Torokhov
| Commit: 6af1c35 | Title: android: base-cfg: disable CONFIG_NFSD and CONFIG_NFS_FS | By: Roberto Pereira
| Commit: fb3befe | Title: ANDROID: sdcardfs: d_splice_alias can return error values | By: Daniel Rosenberg
| Commit: 7134200 | Title: UPSTREAM: tcp: avoid infinite loop in tcp_splice_read() | By: Eric Dumazet
| Commit: 20f46da | Title: UPSTREAM: dm ioctl: prevent stack leak in dm ioctl call | By: Adrian Salido
| Commit: da4dcd0 | Title: BACKPORT: dccp/tcp: do not inherit mc_list from parent | By: Eric Dumazet
| Commit: c7dd735 | Title: BACKPORT: ip6_gre: fix ip6gre_err() invalid reads | By: Eric Dumazet
| Commit: 61ba27e | Title: UPSTREAM: ipx: call ipxitf_put() in ioctl error path | By: Dan Carpenter
| Commit: 9735f91 | Title: ANDROID: sdcardfs: remove dead function open_flags_to_access_mode() | By: Greg Hackmann
| Commit: 10fdfc4 | Title: BACKPORT: ipv6/dccp: do not inherit ipv6_mc_list from parent | By: WANG Cong
| Commit: 43e304d | Title: UPSTREAM: sctp: do not inherit ipv6_{mc|ac|fl}_list from parent | By: Eric Dumazet
| Commit: b03b33b | Title: BACKPORT: ext4: fix data exposure after a crash | By: Jan Kara
| Commit: 7f34ccf | Title: BACKPORT: ALSA: timer: Fix race between read and ioctl | By: Takashi Iwai
| Commit: 5ef1534 | Title: UPSTREAM: ALSA: timer: Fix missing queue indices reset at SNDRV_TIMER_IOCTL_SELECT | By: Takashi Iwai
| Commit: e7237b4 | Title: Make the VTI code compile. | By: Lorenzo Colitti
| Commit: db17cfc | Title: ANDROID: squashfs: Fix signed division issue | By: Daniel Rosenberg
| Commit: aaff584 | Title: ANDROID: squashfs: Fix endianness issue | By: Daniel Rosenberg
| Commit: bf5b91c | Title: UPSTREAM: mm/mempolicy.c: fix error handling in set_mempolicy and mbind. | By: Chris Salls
| Commit: 6234ae6 | Title: UPSTREAM: packet: fix races in fanout_add() | By: Eric Dumazet
| Commit: 3f7f9ef | Title: UPSTREAM: mm: larger stack guard gap, between vmas | By: Hugh Dickins
| Commit: df12c10 | Title: UPSTREAM: mm: fix new crash in unmapped_area_topdown() | By: Hugh Dickins
| Commit: b2548be | Title: ANDROID: sdcardfs: use mount_nodev and fix a issue in sdcardfs_kill_sb | By: Gao Xiang
| Commit: 453f9d2 | Title: prima : update to LA.BR.1.3.6_rb1.20 | By: rahulsnair
| Commit: fa8a9f7 | Title: crypto: crypto_memneq – add equality testing of memory regions w/o timing leaks | By: James Yonan
| Commit: 90ef6e4 | Title: EVM: Use crypto_memneq() for digest comparisons | By: Ryan Ware
| Commit: d5bd820 | Title: libceph: don’t set weight to IN when OSD is destroyed | By: Ilya Dryomov
| Commit: 40e6ce8 | Title: KVM: x86: fix emulation of “MOV SS, null selector” | By: Paolo Bonzini
| Commit: 91c256f | Title: KVM: x86: Introduce segmented_write_std | By: Steve Rutherford
| Commit: 2cc38a0 | Title: xfrm_user: validate XFRM_MSG_NEWAE XFRMA_REPLAY_ESN_VAL replay_window | By: Andy Whitcroft
| Commit: 226d05d | Title: KEYS: Disallow keyrings beginning with ‘.’ to be joined as session keyrings | By: David Howells
| Commit: ee0029f | Title: KEYS: Change the name of the dead type to “.dead” to prevent user access | By: David Howells
| Commit: 771e07c | Title: KEYS: fix keyctl_set_reqkey_keyring() to not leak thread keyrings | By: Eric Biggers
| Commit: 0d25306 | Title: locking/rtmutex: Prevent dequeue vs. unlock race | By: Thomas Gleixner
| Commit: ed0066b | Title: m68k: Fix ndelay() macro | By: Boris Brezillon
| Commit: e5e6c64 | Title: Btrfs: fix tree search logic when replaying directory entry deletes | By: Robbie Ko
| Commit: a7fce1e | Title: USB: serial: kl5kusb105: fix open error path | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: f348aa3 | Title: block_dev: don’t test bdev->bd_contains when it is not stable | By: NeilBrown
| Commit: 77edc39 | Title: crypto: caam – fix AEAD givenc descriptors | By: Alex Porosanu
| Commit: 0fb3e01 | Title: ext4: fix mballoc breakage with 64k block size | By: Chandan Rajendra
| Commit: 9c39f47 | Title: ext4: fix stack memory corruption with 64k block size | By: Chandan Rajendra
| Commit: 3ab472c | Title: ext4: reject inodes with negative size | By: Darrick J. Wong
| Commit: 854204d | Title: ext4: return -ENOMEM instead of success | By: Dan Carpenter
| Commit: 28634d6 | Title: f2fs: set ->owner for debugfs status file’s file_operations | By: Nicolai Stange
| Commit: 52ae741 | Title: block: protect iterate_bdevs() against concurrent close | By: Rabin Vincent
| Commit: 8027c71 | Title: scsi: zfcp: fix use-after-“free” in FC ingress path after TMF | By: Benjamin Block
| Commit: 392bb78 | Title: scsi: zfcp: do not trace pure benign residual HBA responses at default level | By: Steffen Maier
| Commit: e5424be | Title: scsi: zfcp: fix rport unblock race with LUN recovery | By: Steffen Maier
| Commit: 985c2d7 | Title: ftrace/x86_32: Set ftrace_stub to weak to prevent gcc from using short jumps to it | By: Steven Rostedt (Red Hat)
| Commit: fc005b8 | Title: IB/mad: Fix an array index check | By: Bart Van Assche
| Commit: 0121de3 | Title: IB/multicast: Check ib_find_pkey() return value | By: Bart Van Assche
| Commit: ee96a91 | Title: powerpc: Convert cmp to cmpd in idle enter sequence | By: Segher Boessenkool
| Commit: 2c691e7 | Title: usb: gadget: composite: Test get_alt() presence instead of set_alt() | By: Krzysztof Opasiak
| Commit: ffcd206 | Title: USB: serial: omninet: fix NULL-derefs at open and disconnect | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 5ce5812 | Title: USB: serial: quatech2: fix sleep-while-atomic in close | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 865e747 | Title: USB: serial: pl2303: fix NULL-deref at open | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: eb952df | Title: USB: serial: keyspan_pda: verify endpoints at probe | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: b4ae82c | Title: USB: serial: spcp8x5: fix NULL-deref at open | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 75d0b03 | Title: USB: serial: io_ti: fix NULL-deref at open | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 79235c5 | Title: USB: serial: io_ti: fix another NULL-deref at open | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 81b9f9f | Title: USB: serial: iuu_phoenix: fix NULL-deref at open | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 0a33387 | Title: USB: serial: garmin_gps: fix memory leak on failed URB submit | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 9be6904 | Title: USB: serial: ti_usb_3410_5052: fix NULL-deref at open | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 4036265 | Title: USB: serial: io_edgeport: fix NULL-deref at open | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 52fca74 | Title: USB: serial: oti6858: fix NULL-deref at open | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 1db08fd | Title: USB: serial: cyberjack: fix NULL-deref at open | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 01899e0 | Title: USB: serial: kobil_sct: fix NULL-deref in write | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 6678d24 | Title: USB: serial: mos7840: fix NULL-deref at open | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: d960929 | Title: USB: serial: mos7720: fix NULL-deref at open | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 2445331 | Title: USB: serial: mos7720: fix use-after-free on probe errors | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: a9d16d9 | Title: USB: serial: mos7720: fix parport use-after-free on probe errors | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 641db56 | Title: USB: serial: mos7720: fix parallel probe | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 5a1c72b | Title: usb: xhci-mem: use passed in GFP flags instead of GFP_KERNEL | By: Dan Carpenter
| Commit: e7f7955 | Title: usb: musb: Fix trying to free already-free IRQ 4 | By: Tony Lindgren
| Commit: 4bce5f2 | Title: ALSA: usb-audio: Fix bogus error return in snd_usb_create_stream() | By: Takashi Iwai
| Commit: 306c39e | Title: USB: serial: kl5kusb105: abort on open exception path | By: Pan Bian
| Commit: 0bc9d24 | Title: staging: iio: ad7606: fix improper setting of oversampling pins | By: Eva Rachel Retuya
| Commit: 8da3d7a | Title: usb: dwc3: gadget: always unmap EP0 requests | By: Felipe Balbi
| Commit: 6f24b86 | Title: cris: Only build flash rescue image if CONFIG_ETRAX_AXISFLASHMAP is selected | By: Guenter Roeck
| Commit: f2742c5 | Title: hwmon: (ds620) Fix overflows seen when writing temperature limits | By: Guenter Roeck
| Commit: 1dd4282 | Title: clk: clk-wm831x: fix a logic error | By: Pan Bian
| Commit: b7eb05b | Title: iommu/amd: Fix the left value check of cmd buffer | By: Huang Rui
| Commit: 5a0059a | Title: scsi: mvsas: fix command_active typo | By: Arnd Bergmann
| Commit: 39deb13 | Title: target/iscsi: Fix double free in lio_target_tiqn_addtpg() | By: Dan Carpenter
| Commit: 5ff1117 | Title: mmc: mmc_test: Uninitialized return value | By: Dan Carpenter
| Commit: 6eb12e4 | Title: powerpc/pci/rpadlpar: Fix device reference leaks | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: ab5aeaa | Title: ser_gigaset: return -ENOMEM on error instead of success | By: Dan Carpenter
| Commit: 06660fc | Title: net, sched: fix soft lockup in tc_classify | By: Daniel Borkmann
| Commit: 0ea92fd | Title: net: stmmac: Fix race between stmmac_drv_probe and stmmac_open | By: Florian Fainelli
| Commit: 41dd17e | Title: gro: Enter slow-path if there is no tailroom | By: Herbert Xu
| Commit: c2f3492 | Title: gro: use min_t() in skb_gro_reset_offset() | By: Eric Dumazet
| Commit: 992bb0d | Title: gro: Disable frag0 optimization on IPv6 ext headers | By: Herbert Xu
| Commit: 08985a0 | Title: powerpc: Fix build warning on 32-bit PPC | By: Larry Finger
| Commit: c781fa7 | Title: Input: i8042 – add Pegatron touchpad to noloop table | By: Marcos Paulo de Souza
| Commit: a0a6575 | Title: mm/hugetlb.c: fix reservation race when freeing surplus pages | By: Mike Kravetz
| Commit: c51c1e1 | Title: USB: serial: kl5kusb105: fix line-state error handling | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: da9a49c | Title: USB: serial: ch341: fix initial modem-control state | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 64c5f43 | Title: USB: serial: ch341: fix open error handling | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: f6717fc | Title: USB: serial: ch341: fix control-message error handling | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 7322feb | Title: USB: serial: ch341: fix open and resume after B0 | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 927d52e | Title: USB: serial: ch341: fix resume after reset | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: e77608f | Title: USB: serial: ch341: fix modem-control and B0 handling | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 4281fa1 | Title: x86/cpu: Fix bootup crashes by sanitizing the argument of the ‘clearcpuid=’ command-line option | By: Lukasz Odzioba
| Commit: 0fb1f94 | Title: NFSv4.1: nfs4_fl_prepare_ds must be careful about reporting success. | By: NeilBrown
| Commit: 6c52a56 | Title: powerpc/ibmebus: Fix further device reference leaks | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: cc56d74 | Title: powerpc/ibmebus: Fix device reference leaks in sysfs interface | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 9cfca4a | Title: IB/mlx4: Set traffic class in AH | By: Maor Gottlieb
| Commit: 1a99f2f | Title: IB/mlx4: Fix port query for 56Gb Ethernet links | By: Saeed Mahameed
| Commit: 424414d | Title: perf scripting: Avoid leaking the scripting_context variable | By: Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo
| Commit: 73b7350 | Title: ARM: dts: imx31: fix clock control module interrupts description | By: Vladimir Zapolskiy
| Commit: a4a8abd | Title: svcrpc: don’t leak contexts on PROC_DESTROY | By: J. Bruce Fields
| Commit: 8385999 | Title: mmc: mxs-mmc: Fix additional cycles after transmission stop | By: Stefan Wahren
| Commit: c7d0a81 | Title: mtd: nand: xway: disable module support | By: Hauke Mehrtens
| Commit: 7929b22 | Title: ubifs: Fix journal replay wrt. xattr nodes | By: Richard Weinberger
| Commit: 57588a5 | Title: arm64/ptrace: Preserve previous registers for short regset write | By: Dave Martin
| Commit: 6abe013 | Title: arm64/ptrace: Avoid uninitialised struct padding in fpr_set() | By: Dave Martin
| Commit: f21b25d | Title: arm64/ptrace: Reject attempts to set incomplete hardware breakpoint fields | By: Dave Martin
| Commit: 55cf4f4 | Title: ARM: ux500: fix prcmu_is_cpu_in_wfi() calculation | By: Arnd Bergmann
| Commit: 30d7ded | Title: ite-cir: initialize use_demodulator before using it | By: Nicolas Iooss
| Commit: a2f80e6 | Title: fuse: do not use iocb after it may have been freed | By: Robert Doebbelin
| Commit: 1715c23 | Title: crypto: caam – fix non-hmac hashes | By: Russell King
| Commit: 5f75000 | Title: drm/i915: Don’t leak edid in intel_crt_detect_ddc() | By: Ander Conselvan de Oliveira
| Commit: 4cd15a1 | Title: s5k4ecgx: select CRC32 helper | By: Arnd Bergmann
| Commit: bfc0674 | Title: platform/x86: intel_mid_powerbtn: Set IRQ_ONESHOT | By: Andy Shevchenko
| Commit: ceb22a4 | Title: net: fix harmonize_features() vs NETIF_F_HIGHDMA | By: Eric Dumazet
| Commit: 06e799d | Title: tcp: initialize max window for a new fastopen socket | By: Alexey Kodanev
| Commit: 3e61ebc | Title: svcrpc: fix oops in absence of krb5 module | By: J. Bruce Fields
| Commit: 1be4a4b | Title: ARM: 8643/3: arm/ptrace: Preserve previous registers for short regset write | By: Dave Martin
| Commit: fc33934 | Title: mac80211: Fix adding of mesh vendor IEs | By: Thorsten Horstmann
| Commit: b40c2b6 | Title: scsi: zfcp: fix use-after-free by not tracing WKA port open/close on failed send | By: Steffen Maier
| Commit: 8dcb34f | Title: drm/i915: fix use-after-free in page_flip_completed() | By: Andrey Ryabinin
| Commit: 9f3787a | Title: net: use a work queue to defer net_disable_timestamp() work | By: Eric Dumazet
| Commit: 20014f7 | Title: netlabel: out of bound access in cipso_v4_validate() | By: Eric Dumazet
| Commit: c8419c38 | Title: ip6_gre: fix ip6gre_err() invalid reads | By: Eric Dumazet
| Commit: fb50503 | Title: ping: fix a null pointer dereference | By: WANG Cong
| Commit: abf1e81 | Title: l2tp: do not use udp_ioctl() | By: Eric Dumazet
| Commit: 1d6e373 | Title: packet: Do not call fanout_release from atomic contexts | By: Anoob Soman
| Commit: ae795b1 | Title: net: socket: fix recvmmsg not returning error from sock_error | By: Maxime Jayat
| Commit: 4e4581d | Title: USB: serial: mos7840: fix another NULL-deref at open | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 27f6396 | Title: USB: serial: ftdi_sio: fix modem-status error handling | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 3c0c054 | Title: USB: serial: ftdi_sio: fix extreme low-latency setting | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: c98d8d8 | Title: USB: serial: ftdi_sio: fix line-status over-reporting | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 3f3a153 | Title: USB: serial: spcp8x5: fix modem-status handling | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 393b37f | Title: USB: serial: opticon: fix CTS retrieval at open | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 1f103a5 | Title: USB: serial: ark3116: fix register-accessor error handling | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 4d6144b | Title: x86/platform/goldfish: Prevent unconditional loading | By: Thomas Gleixner
| Commit: 30b8dd7 | Title: goldfish: Sanitize the broken interrupt handler | By: Thomas Gleixner
| Commit: e8dd730 | Title: ocfs2: do not write error flag to user structure we cannot copy from/to | By: Ben Hutchings
| Commit: 0bd69e1 | Title: drm/nv50/disp: min/max are reversed in nv50_crtc_gamma_set() | By: Dan Carpenter
| Commit: 1c167d5 | Title: net: 6lowpan: fix lowpan_header_create non-compression memcpy call | By: Daniel Borkmann
| Commit: 9620bbe | Title: vti4: Don’t count header length twice. | By: Steffen Klassert
| Commit: a1b8607 | Title: net/sched: em_meta: Fix ‘meta vlan’ to correctly recognize zero VID frames | By: Shmulik Ladkani
| Commit: 441a6ba | Title: MIPS: OCTEON: Fix copy_from_user fault handling for large buffers | By: James Cowgill
| Commit: b382182 | Title: MIPS: Clear ISA bit correctly in get_frame_info() | By: Paul Burton
| Commit: 5b44a80 | Title: MIPS: Prevent unaligned accesses during stack unwinding | By: Paul Burton
| Commit: 936d9c1 | Title: MIPS: Fix get_frame_info() handling of microMIPS function size | By: Paul Burton
| Commit: 151214f | Title: MIPS: Fix is_jump_ins() handling of 16b microMIPS instructions | By: Paul Burton
| Commit: 1290389 | Title: MIPS: Calculate microMIPS ra properly when unwinding the stack | By: Paul Burton
| Commit: 055126d | Title: MIPS: Handle microMIPS jumps in the same way as MIPS32/MIPS64 jumps | By: Paul Burton
| Commit: b649fca | Title: uvcvideo: Fix a wrong macro | By: Guennadi Liakhovetski
| Commit: 55913d8 | Title: scsi: aacraid: Reorder Adapter status check | By: Raghava Aditya Renukunta
| Commit: 1b3ef8e | Title: ath9k: use correct OTP register offsets for the AR9340 and AR9550 | By: Christian Lamparter
| Commit: f35a809 | Title: fuse: add missing FR_FORCE | By: Miklos Szeredi
| Commit: c2ed75c | Title: RDMA/core: Fix incorrect structure packing for booleans | By: Jason Gunthorpe
| Commit: 1380689 | Title: NFSv4: fix getacl head length estimation | By: J. Bruce Fields
| Commit: ce63e80 | Title: s390/qdio: clear DSCI prior to scanning multiple input queues | By: Julian Wiedmann
| Commit: edbcdd4 | Title: IB/ipoib: Fix deadlock between rmmod and set_mode | By: Feras Daoud
| Commit: f610c68 | Title: ktest: Fix child exit code processing | By: Steven Rostedt (VMware)
| Commit: e944b9a | Title: nlm: Ensure callback code also checks that the files match | By: Trond Myklebust
| Commit: 681b3b9 | Title: dm: flush queued bios when process blocks to avoid deadlock | By: Mikulas Patocka
| Commit: b6c6689 | Title: USB: serial: digi_acceleport: fix OOB data sanity check | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: b0f3a65 | Title: USB: serial: digi_acceleport: fix OOB-event processing | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: bd8f1e2 | Title: MIPS: ip27: Disable qlge driver in defconfig | By: Arnd Bergmann
| Commit: 6636991 | Title: tracing: Add #undef to fix compile error | By: Rik van Riel
| Commit: 6250f86 | Title: USB: serial: safe_serial: fix information leak in completion handler | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 801bfe5 | Title: USB: serial: omninet: fix reference leaks at open | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 010fb82 | Title: USB: iowarrior: fix NULL-deref at probe | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 18907f9 | Title: USB: iowarrior: fix NULL-deref in write | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 6379e58 | Title: USB: serial: io_ti: fix NULL-deref in interrupt callback | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 423717a | Title: USB: serial: io_ti: fix information leak in completion handler | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 3ca8919 | Title: vxlan: correctly validate VXLAN ID against VXLAN_N_VID | By: Matthias Schiffer
| Commit: e2d429e | Title: ipv4: mask tos for input route | By: Julian Anastasov
| Commit: aff42cd | Title: locking/static_keys: Add static_key_{en,dis}able() helpers | By: Peter Zijlstra
| Commit: 9739c38 | Title: net: net_enable_timestamp() can be called from irq contexts | By: Eric Dumazet
| Commit: a477f70 | Title: dccp/tcp: fix routing redirect race | By: Jon Maxwell
| Commit: d13c5fd | Title: net sched actions: decrement module reference count after table flush. | By: Roman Mashak
| Commit: 75ad46e | Title: perf/core: Fix event inheritance on fork() | By: Peter Zijlstra
| Commit: 9f17012 | Title: isdn/gigaset: fix NULL-deref at probe | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 4b4d519 | Title: xen: do not re-use pirq number cached in pci device msi msg data | By: Dan Streetman
| Commit: 8d055dd | Title: net: properly release sk_frag.page | By: Eric Dumazet
| Commit: 60b477b | Title: net: unix: properly re-increment inflight counter of GC discarded candidates | By: Andrey Ulanov
| Commit: 45399e7 | Title: Input: ims-pcu – validate number of endpoints before using them | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 42c5616 | Title: Input: hanwang – validate number of endpoints before using them | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: c78f803 | Title: Input: yealink – validate number of endpoints before using them | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: f4d3359 | Title: Input: cm109 – validate number of endpoints before using them | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: ead82bf | Title: USB: uss720: fix NULL-deref at probe | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 00c17ca | Title: USB: idmouse: fix NULL-deref at probe | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 3cafeaa | Title: USB: wusbcore: fix NULL-deref at probe | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: b4e02ac | Title: uwb: i1480-dfu: fix NULL-deref at probe | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: b87b5cb | Title: uwb: hwa-rc: fix NULL-deref at probe | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 2387811 | Title: mmc: ushc: fix NULL-deref at probe | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 355839a | Title: ext4: mark inode dirty after converting inline directory | By: Eric Biggers
| Commit: 8fb0f50 | Title: scsi: libsas: fix ata xfer length | By: John Garry
| Commit: e5407d4 | Title: ALSA: ctxfi: Fallback DMA mask to 32bit | By: Takashi Iwai
| Commit: 5bdf50e | Title: ALSA: ctxfi: Fix the incorrect check of dma_set_mask() call | By: Takashi Iwai
| Commit: 9e41665 | Title: ACPI / PNP: Avoid conflicting resource reservations | By: Rafael J. Wysocki
| Commit: 48f4264 | Title: ACPI / resources: free memory on error in add_region_before() | By: Dan Carpenter
| Commit: 2914430 | Title: ACPI / PNP: Reserve ACPI resources at the fs_initcall_sync stage | By: Rafael J. Wysocki
| Commit: 5762622 | Title: USB: OHCI: Fix race between ED unlink and URB submission | By: Alan Stern
| Commit: 6395e8b | Title: i2c: at91: manage unexpected RXRDY flag when starting a transfer | By: Ludovic Desroches
| Commit: 94d397d | Title: ipv4: igmp: Allow removing groups from a removed interface | By: Andrew Lunn
| Commit: ce70709 | Title: ptrace: fix PTRACE_LISTEN race corrupting task->state | By: bsegall@google.com
| Commit: 6bea154 | Title: ring-buffer: Fix return value check in test_ringbuffer() | By: Wei Yongjun
| Commit: 221eb30 | Title: metag/usercopy: Fix alignment error checking | By: James Hogan
| Commit: da2cf2c | Title: metag/usercopy: Add early abort to copy_to_user | By: James Hogan
| Commit: ee22a7d | Title: metag/usercopy: Set flags before ADDZ | By: James Hogan
| Commit: 380f241 | Title: metag/usercopy: Fix src fixup in from user rapf loops | By: James Hogan
| Commit: 8e48a14 | Title: metag/usercopy: Add missing fixups | By: James Hogan
| Commit: 7db1fdc | Title: s390/decompressor: fix initrd corruption caused by bss clear | By: Marcelo Henrique Cerri
| Commit: b78c7ac | Title: net/mlx4_en: Fix bad WQE issue | By: Eugenia Emantayev
| Commit: 46dd0e2 | Title: net/mlx4_core: Fix racy CQ (Completion Queue) free | By: Jack Morgenstein
| Commit: 6125150 | Title: powerpc: Disable HFSCR[TM] if TM is not supported | By: Benjamin Herrenschmidt
| Commit: 9ff7ebb | Title: pegasus: Use heap buffers for all register access | By: Ben Hutchings
| Commit: f8d3f03 | Title: rtl8150: Use heap buffers for all register access | By: Ben Hutchings
| Commit: e35421c | Title: tracing: Allocate the snapshot buffer before enabling probe | By: Steven Rostedt (VMware)
| Commit: 29e7fcf | Title: ring-buffer: Have ring_buffer_iter_empty() return true when empty | By: Steven Rostedt (VMware)
| Commit: 939da07 | Title: netfilter: arp_tables: fix invoking 32bit “iptable -P INPUT ACCEPT” failed in 64bit kernel | By: Hongxu Jia
| Commit: e44a3d9 | Title: net: phy: handle state correctly in phy_stop_machine | By: Nathan Sullivan
| Commit: 0abc283 | Title: l2tp: take reference on sessions being dumped | By: Guillaume Nault
| Commit: 9fb466f | Title: MIPS: KGDB: Use kernel context for sleeping threads | By: James Hogan
| Commit: d9d0d36 | Title: ARM: dts: imx31: move CCM device node to AIPS2 bus devices | By: Vladimir Zapolskiy
| Commit: 457de78 | Title: ARM: dts: imx31: fix AVIC base address | By: Vladimir Zapolskiy
| Commit: cc4e126 | Title: tun: Fix TUN_PKT_STRIP setting | By: Herbert Xu
| Commit: 5355067 | Title: Staging: vt6655-6: potential NULL dereference in hostap_disable_hostapd() | By: Dan Carpenter
| Commit: c28f28f | Title: net: sctp: rework multihoming retransmission path selection to rfc4960 | By: Daniel Borkmann
| Commit: f43397f | Title: perf trace: Use the syscall raw_syscalls:sys_enter timestamp | By: Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo
| Commit: 354fdd6 | Title: USB: usbtmc: add missing endpoint sanity check | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 25be1bc | Title: USB: fix problems with duplicate endpoint addresses | By: Alan Stern
| Commit: d84dab9 | Title: USB: dummy-hcd: fix bug in stop_activity (handle ep0) | By: Alan Stern
| Commit: 15caba1 | Title: mm/init: fix zone boundary creation | By: Oliver O’Halloran
| Commit: b37c72a | Title: can: Fix kernel panic at security_sock_rcv_skb | By: Eric Dumazet
| Commit: 013d982 | Title: Drivers: hv: avoid vfree() on crash | By: Vitaly Kuznetsov
| Commit: 59da8ed | Title: xc2028: Fix use-after-free bug properly | By: Takashi Iwai
| Commit: 145cd13 | Title: ipv6: fix ip6_tnl_parse_tlv_enc_lim() | By: Eric Dumazet
| Commit: b1b9a7f | Title: ipv6: pointer math error in ip6_tnl_parse_tlv_enc_lim() | By: Dan Carpenter
| Commit: eb3bcff | Title: ipv6: fix the use of pcpu_tstats in ip6_tunnel | By: Li RongQing
| Commit: c608b9a | Title: sctp: avoid BUG_ON on sctp_wait_for_sndbuf | By: Marcelo Ricardo Leitner
| Commit: c4782ea | Title: sctp: deny peeloff operation on asocs with threads sleeping on it | By: Marcelo Ricardo Leitner
| Commit: 111c13a | Title: KVM: x86: clear bus pointer when destroyed | By: Peter Xu
| Commit: 4ae6485 | Title: kvm: exclude ioeventfd from counting kvm_io_range limit | By: Amos Kong
| Commit: 0936753 | Title: KVM: kvm_io_bus_unregister_dev() should never fail | By: David Hildenbrand
| Commit: 4ddc0b8 | Title: ipv6: handle -EFAULT from skb_copy_bits | By: Dave Jones
| Commit: 26f80d4 | Title: fs: exec: apply CLOEXEC before changing dumpable task flags | By: Aleksa Sarai
| Commit: 580f2d6 | Title: mm/huge_memory.c: respect FOLL_FORCE/FOLL_COW for thp | By: Keno Fischer
| Commit: 17f5a74 | Title: char: lp: fix possible integer overflow in lp_setup() | By: Willy Tarreau
| Commit: ad5df4c | Title: Linux 3.10.106 | By: Willy Tarreau
| Commit: f59750c | Title: Revert “Btrfs: don’t delay inode ref updates during log, replay” | By: Jeff Mahoney
| Commit: cd37751 | Title: Btrfs: fix memory leak in reading btree blocks | By: Liu Bo
| Commit: 40e753c | Title: ext4: use more strict checks for inodes_per_block on mount | By: Theodore Ts’o
| Commit: 1166366 | Title: ext4: fix in-superblock mount options processing | By: Theodore Ts’o
| Commit: cc6696d | Title: ext4: add sanity checking to count_overhead() | By: Theodore Ts’o
| Commit: 56b0f9c | Title: jbd2: don’t leak modified metadata buffers on an aborted journal | By: Theodore Ts’o
| Commit: 4a9d45a | Title: ext4: trim allocation requests to group size | By: Jan Kara
| Commit: 80aee79 | Title: ext4: preserve the needs_recovery flag when the journal is aborted | By: Theodore Ts’o
| Commit: cf5c611 | Title: ext4: return EROFS if device is r/o and journal replay is needed | By: Theodore Ts’o
| Commit: 9a245b4 | Title: ext4: fix inode checksum calculation problem if i_extra_size is small | By: Daeho Jeong
| Commit: 742eb47 | Title: block: allow WRITE_SAME commands with the SG_IO ioctl | By: Mauricio Faria de Oliveira
| Commit: 7a2d8b3 | Title: block: fix del_gendisk() vs blkdev_ioctl crash | By: Dan Williams
| Commit: 2870bf0 | Title: dm crypt: mark key as invalid until properly loaded | By: Ondrej Kozina
| Commit: 59ade50 | Title: dm space map metadata: fix ‘struct sm_metadata’ leak on failed create | By: Benjamin Marzinski
| Commit: 8043005 | Title: md/raid5: limit request size according to implementation limits | By: Konstantin Khlebnikov
| Commit: 808da50 | Title: md:raid1: fix a dead loop when read from a WriteMostly disk | By: Wei Fang
| Commit: 0a5315c | Title: md linear: fix a race between linear_add() and linear_congested() | By: colyli@suse.de
| Commit: 5ef4817 | Title: CIFS: Fix a possible memory corruption during reconnect | By: Pavel Shilovsky
| Commit: b92a197 | Title: CIFS: Fix missing nls unload in smb2_reconnect() | By: Pavel Shilovsky
| Commit: 9554192 | Title: CIFS: Fix a possible memory corruption in push locks | By: Pavel Shilovsky
| Commit: 8df84a8 | Title: CIFS: remove bad_network_name flag | By: Germano Percossi
| Commit: b6e3d72 | Title: fs/cifs: make share unaccessible at root level mountable | By: Aurelien Aptel
| Commit: 9143a86 | Title: cifs: Do not send echoes before Negotiate is complete | By: Sachin Prabhu
| Commit: 596c078 | Title: ocfs2: fix crash caused by stale lvb with fsdlm plugin | By: Eric Ren
| Commit: 941b44d | Title: ocfs2: fix BUG_ON() in ocfs2_ci_checkpointed() | By: Tariq Saeed
| Commit: c073c8b | Title: can: raw: raw_setsockopt: limit number of can_filter that can be set | By: Marc Kleine-Budde
| Commit: 0c22e45 | Title: can: peak: fix bad memory access and free sequence | By: 추지호
| Commit: 40bb553 | Title: can: c_can_pci: fix null-pointer-deref in c_can_start() – set device pointer | By: Einar Jón
| Commit: 4c43dd6 | Title: can: ti_hecc: add missing prepare and unprepare of the clock | By: Yegor Yefremov
| Commit: 73c7496 | Title: can: bcm: fix hrtimer/tasklet termination in bcm op removal | By: Oliver Hartkopp
| Commit: efcc943 | Title: can: usb_8dev: Fix memory leak of priv->cmd_msg_buffer | By: Marc Kleine-Budde
| Commit: 0bbde31 | Title: ALSA: hda – Fix up GPIO for ASUS ROG Ranger | By: Takashi Iwai
| Commit: 3370122 | Title: ALSA: seq: Fix race at creating a queue | By: Takashi Iwai
| Commit: 38373e2 | Title: ALSA: seq: Don’t handle loop timeout at snd_seq_pool_done() | By: Takashi Iwai
| Commit: 750d644 | Title: ALSA: timer: Reject user params with too small ticks | By: Takashi Iwai
| Commit: 7e828b7 | Title: ALSA: seq: Fix link corruption by event error handling | By: Takashi Iwai
| Commit: 0f3d525 | Title: ALSA: seq: Fix racy cell insertions during snd_seq_pool_done() | By: Takashi Iwai
| Commit: 09adfc0 | Title: ALSA: seq: Fix race during FIFO resize | By: Takashi Iwai
| Commit: ecf3392 | Title: ALSA: seq: Don’t break snd_use_lock_sync() loop by timeout | By: Takashi Iwai
| Commit: 1e1be38 | Title: ALSA: usb-audio: Add QuickCam Communicate Deluxe/S7500 to volume_control_quirks | By: Con Kolivas
| Commit: 3276adb | Title: usb: gadgetfs: restrict upper bound on device configuration size | By: Greg Kroah-Hartman
| Commit: e1cb07b | Title: USB: gadgetfs: fix unbounded memory allocation bug | By: Alan Stern
| Commit: cab52a6 | Title: USB: gadgetfs: fix use-after-free bug | By: Alan Stern
| Commit: 196f5d6 | Title: USB: gadgetfs: fix checks of wTotalLength in config descriptors | By: Alan Stern
| Commit: 00b942b | Title: xhci: free xhci virtual devices with leaf nodes first | By: Mathias Nyman
| Commit: 4cdbf08 | Title: USB: serial: io_ti: bind to interface after fw download | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 65a0d28 | Title: usb: gadget: composite: always set ep->mult to a sensible value | By: Felipe Balbi
| Commit: 6b65e94 | Title: USB: cdc-acm: fix double usb_autopm_put_interface() in acm_port_activate() | By: Alexey Khoroshilov
| Commit: d3abc10 | Title: USB: cdc-acm: fix open and suspend race | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: f4825ae | Title: USB: cdc-acm: fix failed open not being detected | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: acb32a8 | Title: usb: dwc3: gadget: make Set Endpoint Configuration macros safe | By: Felipe Balbi
| Commit: 379ca9e | Title: usb: dwc3: gadget: delay unmap of bounced requests | By: Janusz Dziedzic
| Commit: 92f3213 | Title: usb: hub: Wait for connection to be reestablished after port reset | By: Guenter Roeck
| Commit: d87aec8 | Title: usb: gadget: composite: correctly initialize ep->maxpacket | By: Felipe Balbi
| Commit: b56c123 | Title: USB: UHCI: report non-PME wakeup signalling for Intel hardware | By: Alan Stern
| Commit: 9ebd475 | Title: arm/xen: Use alloc_percpu rather than __alloc_percpu | By: Julien Grall
| Commit: b63dd7e | Title: xfs: set AGI buffer type in xlog_recover_clear_agi_bucket | By: Eric Sandeen
| Commit: 18951fc | Title: xfs: clear _XBF_PAGES from buffers when readahead page | By: Darrick J. Wong
| Commit: bd93430 | Title: ssb: Fix error routine when fallback SPROM fails | By: Larry Finger
| Commit: 5a990d3 | Title: drivers/gpu/drm/ast: Fix infinite loop if read fails | By: Russell Currey
| Commit: 8e2d0be | Title: scsi: avoid a permanent stop of the scsi device’s request queue | By: Wei Fang
| Commit: 3b65287 | Title: scsi: move the nr_phys_segments assert into scsi_init_io | By: Christoph Hellwig
| Commit: 6ec678d | Title: scsi: don’t BUG_ON() empty DMA transfers | By: Johannes Thumshirn
| Commit: 20cc9b4 | Title: scsi: storvsc: properly handle SRB_ERROR when sense message is present | By: Long Li
| Commit: 7a2cf5b | Title: scsi: storvsc: properly set residual data length on errors | By: Long Li
| Commit: a6a91b5 | Title: target/pscsi: Fix TYPE_TAPE + TYPE_MEDIMUM_CHANGER export | By: Nicholas Bellinger
| Commit: 303f35c | Title: scsi: lpfc: Add shutdown method for kexec | By: Anton Blanchard
| Commit: e681e08 | Title: scsi: sr: Sanity check returned mode data | By: Martin K. Petersen
| Commit: f506f0c | Title: scsi: sd: Fix capacity calculation with 32-bit sector_t | By: Martin K. Petersen
| Commit: e730705 | Title: s390/vmlogrdr: fix IUCV buffer allocation | By: Gerald Schaefer
| Commit: 1522682 | Title: libceph: verify authorize reply on connect | By: Ilya Dryomov
| Commit: 8d848d6 | Title: nfs_write_end(): fix handling of short copies | By: Al Viro
| Commit: b342628 | Title: powerpc/ps3: Fix system hang with GCC 5 builds | By: Geoff Levand
| Commit: 70236dc | Title: ftrace/x86: Set ftrace_stub to weak to prevent gcc from using short jumps to it | By: Steven Rostedt
| Commit: b3d1614 | Title: cred/userns: define current_user_ns() as a function | By: Arnd Bergmann
| Commit: 3644ec4 | Title: net: ti: cpmac: Fix compiler warning due to type confusion | By: Paul Burton
| Commit: 8b0f74b | Title: tick/broadcast: Prevent NULL pointer dereference | By: Thomas Gleixner
| Commit: 2e23c18 | Title: netvsc: reduce maximum GSO size | By: stephen hemminger
| Commit: 5d89ae4 | Title: drop_monitor: add missing call to genlmsg_end | By: Reiter Wolfgang
| Commit: 5d0ff0d | Title: drop_monitor: consider inserted data in genlmsg_end | By: Reiter Wolfgang
| Commit: 4852c6d | Title: igmp: Make igmp group member RFC 3376 compliant | By: Michal Tesar
| Commit: 11389e9 | Title: HID: hid-cypress: validate length of report | By: Greg Kroah-Hartman
| Commit: fa7410f | Title: Input: i8042 – add noloop quirk for Dell Embedded Box PC 3000 | By: Kai-Heng Feng
| Commit: 51cb426 | Title: Input: iforce – validate number of endpoints before using them | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: 9a88730 | Title: Input: kbtab – validate number of endpoints before using them | By: Johan Hovold
| Commit: d56861f | Title: Input: joydev – do not report stale values on first open | By: Raphael Assenat
| Commit: 8a6b748 | Title: Input: tca8418 – use the interrupt trigger from the device tree | By: Maxime Ripard
| Commit: a21e6e4 | Title: Input: mpr121 – handle multiple bits change of status register | By: Akinobu Mita
| Commit: 9f00cde | Title: Input: mpr121 – set missing event capability | By: Akinobu Mita
| Commit: b57a1dd | Title: Input: i8042 – add Clevo P650RS to the i8042 reset list | By: Dmitry Torokhov
| Commit: cce2e59 | Title: i2c: fix kernel memory disclosure in dev interface | By: Vlad Tsyrklevich
| Commit: 02fc777 | Title: vme: Fix wrong pointer utilization in ca91cx42_slave_get | By: Augusto Mecking Caringi
| Commit: 5b973821 | Title: sysrq: attach sysrq handler correctly for 32-bit kernel | By: Akinobu Mita
| Commit: 10a5463 | Title: pinctrl: sh-pfc: Do not unconditionally support PIN_CONFIG_BIAS_DISABLE | By: Niklas Söderlund
| Commit: bfd582c | Title: x86/PCI: Ignore _CRS on Supermicro X8DTH-i/6/iF/6F | By: Bjorn Helgaas
| Commit: a13a3d2 | Title: qla2xxx: Fix crash due to null pointer access | By: Quinn Tran
| Commit: 5a2919c | Title: ARM: 8634/1: hw_breakpoint: blacklist Scorpion CPUs | By: Mark Rutland
| Commit: 7d69020 | Title: ARM: dts: da850-evm: fix read access to SPI flash | By: Fabien Parent
| Commit: c5e9604 | Title: NFSv4: Ensure nfs_atomic_open set the dentry verifier on ENOENT | By: Trond Myklebust
| Commit: 146ef01 | Title: vmxnet3: Wake queue from reset work | By: Benjamin Poirier
| Commit: 6c2cbca | Title: Fix memory leaks in cifs_do_mount() | By: Sachin Prabhu
| Commit: 0ecd311 | Title: Compare prepaths when comparing superblocks | By: Sachin Prabhu
| Commit: b4b0344 | Title: Move check for prefix path to within cifs_get_root() | By: Sachin Prabhu
| Commit: 56b8737 | Title: Fix regression which breaks DFS mounting | By: Sachin Prabhu
| Commit: 69f2fc5 | Title: apparmor: fix uninitialized lsm_audit member | By: John Johansen
| Commit: 880845e | Title: apparmor: exec should not be returning ENOENT when it denies | By: John Johansen
| Commit: ccd0b49 | Title: apparmor: fix disconnected bind mnts reconnection | By: John Johansen
| Commit: 0340200 | Title: apparmor: internal paths should be treated as disconnected | By: John Johansen
| Commit: 319ec84 | Title: apparmor: check that xindex is in trans_table bounds | By: John Johansen
| Commit: 59aee9d | Title: apparmor: add missing id bounds check on dfa verification | By: John Johansen
| Commit: c1c0e7f | Title: apparmor: don’t check for vmalloc_addr if kvzalloc() failed | By: John Johansen
| Commit: 6aac8b8 | Title: apparmor: fix oops in profile_unpack() when policy_db is not present | By: John Johansen
| Commit: 4d6c9c4 | Title: apparmor: fix module parameters can be changed after policy is locked | By: John Johansen
| Commit: 70cb916 | Title: apparmor: do not expose kernel stack | By: Heinrich Schuchardt
| Commit: b4a2b9a | Title: vfio/pci: Fix integer overflows, bitmask check | By: Vlad Tsyrklevich
| Commit: d8a91d7 | Title: bna: Add synchronization for tx ring. | By: Benjamin Poirier
| Commit: b8f2347 | Title: sg: Fix double-free when drives detach during SG_IO | By: Calvin Owens
| Commit: a2d6dd2 | Title: move the call of __d_drop(anon) into __d_materialise_unique(dentry, anon) | By: Al Viro
| Commit: 79f5071f | Title: serial: 8250_pci: Detach low-level driver during PCI error recovery | By: Gabriel Krisman Bertazi
| Commit: 5386378 | Title: bnx2x: Correct ringparam estimate when DOWN | By: Mintz, Yuval
| Commit: 3a7bc9a | Title: tile/ptrace: Preserve previous registers for short regset write | By: Dave Martin
| Commit: e51e30d | Title: sysctl: fix proc_doulongvec_ms_jiffies_minmax() | By: Eric Dumazet
| Commit: b075f45 | Title: ISDN: eicon: silence misleading array-bounds warning | By: Arnd Bergmann
| Commit: d701868 | Title: ARC: [arcompact] handle unaligned access delay slot corner case | By: Vineet Gupta
| Commit: 75c861c | Title: parisc: Don’t use BITS_PER_LONG in userspace-exported swab.h header | By: Helge Deller
| Commit: 8b57759 | Title: nfs: Don’t increment lock sequence ID after NFS4ERR_MOVED | By: Chuck Lever
| Commit: d35849a | Title: ipv6: addrconf: Avoid addrconf_disable_change() using RCU read-side lock | By: Kefeng Wang
| Commit: 8b162fc | Title: af_unix: move unix_mknod() out of bindlock | By: WANG Cong
| Commit: adf5832 | Title: drm/nouveau/nv1a,nv1f/disp: fix memory clock rate retrieval | By: Ilia Mirkin
| Commit: 45c4f28 | Title: crypto: api – Clear CRYPTO_ALG_DEAD bit before registering an alg | By: Salvatore Benedetto
| Commit: af207cf | Title: ata: sata_mv:- Handle return value of devm_ioremap. | By: Arvind Yadav
| Commit: 42b3a17 | Title: mm/memory_hotplug.c: check start_pfn in test_pages_in_a_zone() | By: Toshi Kani
| Commit: 9389d0c | Title: mm, fs: check for fatal signals in do_generic_file_read() | By: Michal Hocko
| Commit: 4d9ea9c | Title: ARC: [arcompact] brown paper bag bug in unaligned access delay slot fixup | By: Vineet Gupta
| Commit: d2516c7 | Title: tcp: fix 0 divide in __tcp_select_window() | By: Eric Dumazet
| Commit: a3161ee | Title: macvtap: read vnet_hdr_size once | By: Willem de Bruijn
| Commit: 9381600 | Title: packet: round up linear to header len | By: Willem de Bruijn
| Commit: 73680ff | Title: vfs: fix uninitialized flags in splice_to_pipe() | By: Miklos Szeredi
| Commit: c2ff9ef | Title: siano: make it work again with CONFIG_VMAP_STACK | By: Mauro Carvalho Chehab
| Commit: 695364e | Title: futex: Move futex_init() to core_initcall | By: Yang Yang
| Commit: c386777 | Title: rtc: interface: ignore expired timers when enqueuing new timers | By: Colin Ian King
| Commit: b845232 | Title: irda: Fix lockdep annotations in hashbin_delete(). | By: David S. Miller
| Commit: db2384a | Title: tty: serial: msm: Fix module autoload | By: Javier Martinez Canillas
| Commit: 260a2bb | Title: rtlwifi: rtl_usb: Fix for URB leaking when doing ifconfig up/down | By: Michael Schenk
| Commit: 56c6e76 | Title: af_packet: remove a stray tab in packet_set_ring() | By: Dan Carpenter
| Commit: 93b5790 | Title: MIPS: Fix special case in 64 bit IP checksumming. | By: Ralf Baechle
| Commit: 3c2f079 | Title: mm: vmpressure: fix sending wrong events on underflow | By: Vinayak Menon
| Commit: d596ceb | Title: ipc/shm: Fix shmat mmap nil-page protection | By: Davidlohr Bueso
| Commit: 9f825a7 | Title: sd: get disk reference in sd_check_events() | By: Hannes Reinecke
| Commit: a7e1ae5 | Title: samples/seccomp: fix 64-bit comparison macros | By: Mathias Svensson
| Commit: 5acf725 | Title: ath5k: drop bogus warning on drv_set_key with unsupported cipher | By: Felix Fietkau
| Commit: a153d73 | Title: rdma_cm: fail iwarp accepts w/o connection params | By: Steve Wise
| Commit: b62d057 | Title: NFSv4: fix getacl ERANGE for some ACL buffer sizes | By: Weston Andros Adamson
| Commit: c76c3e5 | Title: bcma: use (get|put)_device when probing/removing device driver | By: Rafał Miłecki
| Commit: e7fa785 | Title: powerpc/xmon: Fix data-breakpoint | By: Ravi Bangoria
| Commit: f637e8d | Title: KVM: VMX: use correct vmcs_read/write for guest segment selector/base | By: Chao Peng
| Commit: c6e6019 | Title: KVM: PPC: Book3S PR: Fix illegal opcode emulation | By: Thomas Huth
| Commit: 319a856 | Title: KVM: s390: fix task size check | By: Martin Schwidefsky
| Commit: e9e4242 | Title: s390: TASK_SIZE for kernel threads | By: Martin Schwidefsky
| Commit: 8c725a4 | Title: xtensa: move parse_tag_fdt out of #ifdef CONFIG_BLK_DEV_INITRD | By: Max Filippov
| Commit: e81d165 | Title: mac80211: flush delayed work when entering suspend | By: Matt Chen
| Commit: adc519c | Title: drm/ast: Fix test for VGA enabled | By: Y.C. Chen
| Commit: e950740 | Title: drm/ttm: Make sure BOs being swapped out are cacheable | By: Michel Dänzer
| Commit: 7bf1bc8 | Title: fat: fix using uninitialized fields of fat_inode/fsinfo_inode | By: OGAWA Hirofumi
| Commit: 1fb1424 | Title: drivers: hv: Turn off write permission on the hypercall page | By: K. Y. Srinivasan
| Commit: 262a159 | Title: xhci: fix 10 second timeout on removal of PCI hotpluggable xhci controllers | By: Mathias Nyman
| Commit: e3065f1 | Title: crypto: improve gcc optimization flags for serpent and wp512 | By: Arnd Bergmann
| Commit: bcf514e | Title: mtd: pmcmsp: use kstrndup instead of kmalloc+strncpy | By: Arnd Bergmann
| Commit: 70e17c5 | Title: cpmac: remove hopeless #warning | By: Arnd Bergmann
| Commit: 8e86003 | Title: mvsas: fix misleading indentation | By: Luis de Bethencourt
| Commit: 385a7f6 | Title: l2tp: avoid use-after-free caused by l2tp_ip_backlog_recv | By: Paul Hüber
| Commit: ecb8595 | Title: net: don’t call strlen() on the user buffer in packet_bind_spkt() | By: Alexander Potapenko
| Commit: 2b6efed | Title: dccp: Unlock sock before calling sk_free() | By: Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo
| Commit: 5c8b461 | Title: tcp: fix various issues for sockets morphing to listen state | By: Eric Dumazet
| Commit: 3cb6412 | Title: uapi: fix linux/packet_diag.h userspace compilation error | By: Dmitry V. Levin
| Commit: 063ec55 | Title: ipv6: avoid write to a possibly cloned skb | By: Florian Westphal
| Commit: 08dfb88 | Title: dccp: fix memory leak during tear-down of unsuccessful connection request | By: Hannes Frederic Sowa
| Commit: ca5c517 | Title: futex: Fix potential use-after-free in FUTEX_REQUEUE_PI | By: Peter Zijlstra
| Commit: 5122977 | Title: futex: Add missing error handling to FUTEX_REQUEUE_PI | By: Peter Zijlstra
| Commit: e05857b | Title: give up on gcc ilog2() constant optimizations | By: Linus Torvalds
| Commit: 0ecbc6a | Title: cancel the setfilesize transation when io error happen | By: Zhaohongjiang
| Commit: 53e5412 | Title: crypto: ghash-clmulni – Fix load failure | By: Wang, Rui Y
| Commit: b9a92af | Title: crypto: cryptd – Assign statesize properly | By: Wang, Rui Y
| Commit: 2f71440 | Title: ACPI / video: skip evaluating _DOD when it does not exist | By: Alex Hung
| Commit: a5a02d5 | Title: Drivers: hv: balloon: don’t crash when memory is added in non-sorted order | By: Vitaly Kuznetsov
| Commit: c92374e | Title: s390/pci: fix use after free in dma_init | By: Sebastian Ott
| Commit: 0fb5435 | Title: cpufreq: Fix and clean up show_cpuinfo_cur_freq() | By: Rafael J. Wysocki
| Commit: 95fef6e | Title: igb: Workaround for igb i210 firmware issue | By: Chris J Arges
| Commit: 4768f30 | Title: igb: add i211 to i210 PHY workaround | By: Todd Fujinaka
| Commit: 3e3e56e | Title: ipv4: provide stronger user input validation in nl_fib_input() | By: Eric Dumazet
| Commit: a8417f9 | Title: tcp: initialize icsk_ack.lrcvtime at session start time | By: Eric Dumazet
| Commit: 327b7dc | Title: ACM gadget: fix endianness in notifications | By: Oliver Neukum
| Commit: 923f8a8 | Title: uvcvideo: uvc_scan_fallback() for webcams with broken chain | By: Henrik Ingo
| Commit: 42541ae | Title: fbcon: Fix vc attr at deinit | By: Takashi Iwai
| Commit: 7e64ef1 | Title: crypto: algif_hash – avoid zero-sized array | By: Jiri Slaby
| Commit: 9ce4c31 | Title: virtio_balloon: init 1st buffer in stats vq | By: Ladi Prosek
| Commit: e954982 | Title: c6x/ptrace: Remove useless PTRACE_SETREGSET implementation | By: Dave Martin
| Commit: c023473 | Title: sparc/ptrace: Preserve previous registers for short regset write | By: Dave Martin
| Commit: cfe5bf7 | Title: metag/ptrace: Preserve previous registers for short regset write | By: Dave Martin
| Commit: 2a022d3 | Title: metag/ptrace: Provide default TXSTATUS for short NT_PRSTATUS | By: Dave Martin
| Commit: 52bd0b4 | Title: metag/ptrace: Reject partial NT_METAG_RPIPE writes | By: Dave Martin
| Commit: cf9e89f | Title: libceph: force GFP_NOIO for socket allocations | By: Ilya Dryomov
| Commit: 5e1ffd0 | Title: ACPI: Fix incompatibility with mcount-based function graph tracing | By: Josh Poimboeuf
| Commit: dca8c6f | Title: ACPI / power: Avoid maybe-uninitialized warning | By: Arnd Bergmann
| Commit: e61c732 | Title: rtc: s35390a: make sure all members in the output are set | By: Uwe Kleine-König
| Commit: 337d409 | Title: rtc: s35390a: implement reset routine as suggested by the reference | By: Uwe Kleine-König
| Commit: f735e44 | Title: rtc: s35390a: improve irq handling | By: Uwe Kleine-König
| Commit: 64a62e0 | Title: padata: avoid race in reordering | By: Jason A. Donenfeld
| Commit: 23c6623 | Title: HID: hid-lg: Fix immediate disconnection of Logitech Rumblepad 2 | By: Ardinartsev Nikita
| Commit: ec67933 | Title: HID: i2c-hid: Add sleep between POWER ON and RESET | By: Brendan McGrath
| Commit: c1e29ae | Title: drm/vmwgfx: NULL pointer dereference in vmw_surface_define_ioctl() | By: Murray McAllister
| Commit: 52a5518 | Title: drm/vmwgfx: avoid calling vzalloc with a 0 size in vmw_get_cap_3d_ioctl() | By: Murray McAllister
| Commit: f2b9088 | Title: drm/vmwgfx: Remove getparam error message | By: Thomas Hellstrom
| Commit: f639fb7 | Title: drm/vmwgfx: fix integer overflow in vmw_surface_define_ioctl() | By: Li Qiang
| Commit: be7d4d2 | Title: Reset TreeId to zero on SMB2 TREE_CONNECT | By: Jan-Marek Glogowski
| Commit: 99974bf | Title: metag/usercopy: Drop unused macros | By: James Hogan
| Commit: d775bdd | Title: metag/usercopy: Zero rest of buffer from copy_from_user | By: James Hogan
| Commit: c7df9e5 | Title: powerpc: Don’t try to fix up misaligned load-with-reservation instructions | By: Paul Mackerras
| Commit: 459be1f | Title: mtd: bcm47xxpart: fix parsing first block after aligned TRX | By: Rafał Miłecki
| Commit: d849f97 | Title: x86/vdso: Plug race between mapping and ELF header setup | By: Thomas Gleixner
| Commit: d662cf4 | Title: iscsi-target: Fix TMR reference leak during session shutdown | By: Nicholas Bellinger
| Commit: bd40377 | Title: iscsi-target: Drop work-around for legacy GlobalSAN initiator | By: Nicholas Bellinger
| Commit: 004b6e08 | Title: xen, fbfront: fix connecting to backend | By: Juergen Gross
| Commit: 80c1a5f | Title: platform/x86: acer-wmi: setup accelerometer when machine has appropriate notify event | By: Chun-Yi Lee
| Commit: 8c4ebf8 | Title: platform/x86: acer-wmi: setup accelerometer when ACPI device was found | By: Lee, Chun-Yi
| Commit: c85a42d | Title: mm: Tighten x86 /dev/mem with zeroing reads | By: Kees Cook
| Commit: a34a5c3 | Title: virtio-console: avoid DMA from stack | By: Omar Sandoval
| Commit: 9526ddf | Title: catc: Combine failure cleanup code in catc_probe() | By: Ben Hutchings
| Commit: ad08243 | Title: catc: Use heap buffer for memory size test | By: Ben Hutchings
| Commit: 2a3dda4 | Title: net: ipv6: check route protocol when deleting routes | By: Mantas M
| Commit: 2fd77c9 | Title: Drivers: hv: don’t leak memory in vmbus_establish_gpadl() | By: Vitaly Kuznetsov
| Commit: 08231d5 | Title: Drivers: hv: get rid of timeout in vmbus_open() | By: Vitaly Kuznetsov
| Commit: 4f5b7cd | Title: ubi/upd: Always flush after prepared for an update | By: Sebastian Siewior
| Commit: 3f4ea3a | Title: x86/mce/AMD: Give a name to MCA bank 3 when accessed with legacy MSRs | By: Yazen Ghannam
| Commit: 58915d6 | Title: powerpc: Reject binutils 2.24 when building little endian | By: Michael Ellerman
| Commit: 5018cff | Title: tty: nozomi: avoid a harmless gcc warning | By: Arnd Bergmann
| Commit: fce6523 | Title: hostap: avoid uninitialized variable use in hfa384x_get_rid | By: Arnd Bergmann
| Commit: 659f278 | Title: gfs2: avoid uninitialized variable warning | By: Arnd Bergmann
| Commit: dcd0d44 | Title: net: neigh: guard against NULL solicit() method | By: Eric Dumazet
| Commit: b0cc8c5 | Title: sctp: listen on the sock only when it’s state is listening or closed | By: Xin Long
| Commit: db2b9db | Title: ip6mr: fix notification device destruction | By: Nikolay Aleksandrov
| Commit: 38708ad | Title: MIPS: Fix crash registers on non-crashing CPUs | By: Corey Minyard
| Commit: 34144ad | Title: RDS: Fix the atomicity for congestion map update | By: santosh.shilimkar@oracle.com
| Commit: 9984ce7 | Title: xen/x86: don’t lose event interrupts | By: Stefano Stabellini
| Commit: c5f5d72 | Title: p9_client_readdir() fix | By: Al Viro
| Commit: 0d12072 | Title: nfsd: check for oversized NFSv2/v3 arguments | By: J. Bruce Fields
| Commit: f0553f8 | Title: ftrace/x86: Fix triple fault with graph tracing and suspend-to-ram | By: Josh Poimboeuf
| Commit: 7cea7ca | Title: kvm: nVMX: Allow L1 to intercept software exceptions (#BP and #OF) | By: Jim Mattson
| Commit: 928e94c | Title: tun: read vnet_hdr_sz once | By: Willem de Bruijn
| Commit: 3aedfe5 | Title: printk: use rcuidle console tracepoint | By: Sergey Senozhatsky
| Commit: 6c7bddd | Title: ipv6: check raw payload size correctly in ioctl | By: Jamie Bainbridge
| Commit: 7a8c1e1 | Title: mm: larger stack guard gap, between vmas | By: Hugh Dickins
| Commit: ae13c48 | Title: Allow stack to grow up to address space limit | By: Helge Deller
| Commit: 21609c9 | Title: Linux 3.10.107 | By: Willy Tarreau
| Commit: b308074 | Title: drivers: fix merge derp | By: rahulsnair

project kernel/oneplus/msm8994/
| Commit: 7127944 | Title: qcacld-2.0: Import LA.BF64.1.2.3-02710-8×94.0 | By: OzzysCmAcc
| Commit: 2033417 | Title: Merge caf tag LA.BF64.1.2.3-02710-8×94.0 | By: OzzysCmAcc

— 07-14-2017

project jenkins/
| Commit: b72165d | Title: Weekly snapshot July 14, 2017 | By: hedwig34

project kernel/asus/msm8916/
| Commit: d7f048a | Title: fs: readdir: Fix su hide patch for non-iterate filesystems | By: Alberto97

project kernel/xiaomi/msm8996/
| Commit: d924cda | Title: drivers/Kconfig: remove duplicate entry for soc | By: Lars Poeschel

project packages/apps/Jelly/
| Commit: 4e7e82e | Title: Jelly: Query an already ordered favorite list | By: Luca Stefani
| Commit: c3794c5 | Title: Hide Sheet Menu after clicking on an entry | By: Tim Schumacher
| Commit: 55f3a05 | Title: Jelly: Make suggestion provider “None” translatable | By: Michael W
| Commit: 69f2dad | Title: Jelly: Remove redundant character escape | By: Luca Stefani
| Commit: 4d40bf7 | Title: Jelly: Remove unneeded parameter type in addResult | By: Luca Stefani

project vendor/to/product/
| Commit: e3ce9f0 | Title: Gemini: Drop support for Gemini | By: John

— 07-13-2017

project hardware/samsung/
| Commit: 7ad73bc | Title: power: Allow for a dynamic cluster configuration | By: Christopher N. Hesse
| Commit: 1146f1a | Title: Revert “power: Temporary logging fix” | By: Christopher N. Hesse
| Commit: 338942b | Title: secril-client: return exact error code from blockingWrite() | By: Basil Gello

project kernel/xiaomi/msm8996/
| Commit: e7d8832 | Title: Makefile: add -Werror | By: Patrick Tjin
| Commit: c56a99b | Title: Revert “scripts: gcc-wrapper: Use wrapper to check compiler warnings” | By: Greg Hackmann

project kernel/zte/msm8996/
| Commit: a4745a4 | Title: net: Zeroing the structure ethtool_wolinfo in ethtool_get_wol() | By: Avijit Kanti Das

project packages/apps/Snap/
| Commit: 5c51d47 | Title: Revert some permissions related changes | By: Gabriele M

project vendor/samsung/
| Commit: e8ca251 | Title: msm8916-common: update GPS blobs | By: minz1
| Commit: cd70dd1 | Title: hlte-common: Kill liboemcrypto.so | By: Kevin F. Haggerty

— 07-12-2017

project frameworks/base/
| Commit: e1a911d | Title: Merge remote-tracking branch ‘cm/cm-14.1’ into oct-14.1 | By: hedwig34

project packages/apps/Jelly/
| Commit: 6934a68 | Title: Jelly: use Google as default all the things | By: Dan Pasanen

project packages/apps/Snap/
| Commit: 0dbf891 | Title: Add overlay for restarting camera preview for additional cameras | By: LuK1337

project system/core/
| Commit: cc664cf | Title: Merge remote-tracking branch ‘cm/cm-14.1’ into oct-14.1 | By: hedwig34

project vendor/to/
| Commit: 0de1584 | Title: qcom: Enable TARGET_USES_QCOM_MM_AUDIO | By: Luca Stefani