We started a few campaigns to help offset some of the cost involved with actually creating a ROM.  Adding multiple devices compounds the issue.  We caved to holding the “Not hungry; Broke” sign and give people the ability to put cash in the cup.

These Patreon supporters have bought their way into the ROM!  Well done! (But seriously, we thank you. It means a lot /cry)

These People Gave Money (Our Fans)

Patreon Supporters!

John Cannon (canodroid15)
David V Ferkul
Ryan Figarino

PayPal Donors!

Eugene Gajewski
David Hayes
Patrick Heim
Walter Knapp
Jason Laskowski
Dennis Paul
Michael Russo (greatquux)
Dean Santon
Anthony Seratte
Andrew Stapleton
James Stephens
Andre Tezikov
Steve Tilton
Gary Toth
Phillip Wagner
Column A, inc.
Kristin Schonbach
Emily Ricco
Aleksey Taratorin
Steven Ganthner
Richard Anderson
Frans-Willem Post


This Person Gave Less Money (But Was Boss About It)

This person pledged to OctOs through our Patreon, and while it wasn’t as much as those who bought our love above, I respect the fact they gave at all. Since they are the first, they get the honor’ed spot. Thank you!