Meet Team OctOS:

Carl (Dubbsy) (Co-Founder)
Aaron (hedwig34) – Code, Server, Tools
Don (CJKacz) – Code, Lead Tester / Tester Oversight
Rich (Bthorne79) – Device support (S3, Nexus 5) / Tester
Jason (jlask) – Code, Device support (S4 Mini) / Tester
Josh (jorapi) – Device support (G3)
Chris (HLXanthus) – Graphic Design, Aroma Packaging

John (canondroid15) – Social Media / Tester Oversight


Treken (Co-Founder)
Donald (Grommish) – Code, Server, Tools, Social Media

Contributing Members:

SimonTuffGuy – Website and Hosting
Red3razor – Graphic Design and Themes

Special Thanks To:

Agat63 – Custom Kernel
Cruiserdude – Testing and Networking
MassStash – ROM Code, Galaxy S3/S4 support
Codexc – ROM Code
Andybones – ROM Code
IAmTheOneTheyCallNeo – General help and ROM Code
SOHKi s – ROM Code
RHoopes – Major Tester and Phone Swapper
Paulicat – ROM Code
bajasur – ROM Code
spc_hicks09 – ROM Code, Galaxy Nexus (Toro) support

Social Media:


Our Mission:

Our goal is to provide the most user customizable ROM to date, without losing the “vanilla” flavor of AOSP.   Our wish is to bring you the experience you want, at the customization level that is comfortable to you.